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Protein Shake After Krav Class??

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  • Protein Shake After Krav Class??

    Is drinking a Whey protein shake after a krav maga cass helpful to build muscle mass or is protein best taken after a weight training workout where specific muscles are targeted. Since a krav class is basically a full body workout, would it be of any help?

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    Re: Protein Shake After Krav Class??

    I've been drinking protein shakes since I started about a year ago and I've put on about a 10lbs. I'm not sure how much of that is attributable to the shakes vs just eating more calories.


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      Re: Protein Shake After Krav Class??

      Krav can be a full body work out, but won't build excessive muscle mass; just not the right kind of training. It will help you be stronger and lose body fat, and the protein shakes can supplement a healthy diet and fuel your body. I'm not active in Krav training right now, but I do some pretty intense training through Military Athlete; I take protein about 15-30 min before I start and then immediately after I finish. You'd be surprised how far that pre-training shake can go when you get towards the middle of your training session; your muscles won't run out of gas so fast. It is possible to use Protein, and even Creatine, without gaining weight. Calorie intake is what causes you to gain weight.
      If you go to MA's website and check the FAQ there is a section on nutrition. (Apologies if it seems like an advertisement for MA, not my intention at all; just directing the reader to my source of information).