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Complete Krav maga 2:nd edition

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  • Complete Krav maga 2:nd edition

    I just bought and read the book Complete Krav maga 2:nd edition. I have a question. I can not find the defense techniques for the dubbel leg takedown in the book. Why is not that techniques in the book? I Think that the book is not a complete book if that techniques is missing. Thank you.
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    That's a fair question, unfortunately I don't think the authors of the book are here in the forums.

    Out of curiosity why is that specific technique so important? Because I can think of a ton of material I know for a fact isn't in that book.
    I believe that self-defense is a moral imperative, and that illegitimate force and illegal violence must be met with righteous indignation and superior violence.

    But hey, thats just me.


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      The easiest method that works well for me is about 29 min mark. I dont necessarily agree with his all his other techniques. It may not be KM approved so I apologise if this treads on any toes.


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        Sorry for very late respons. I think that the defense against the dubbel leg takedown is very important because alot of people train MMA and look at MMA on tv so they can use the attack in the streets. So that is why you must know how to defend.


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          The will to win compares little to the will to PREPARE to win.

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