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  • Charlotte, North Carolina?

    I've been training for years in Michigan, but I'm looking for a place to get my brother to start training in Charlotte, NC. I know there is a place in Gastonia, but that is at least 1 hr 15 min from him, and he can't make that drive 2 or 3 times per week.

    Is there any place closer, or plans to start anything in the Charlotte area?

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    We have a location in Charlotte two days a week at the local JCC. You can get contact info via
    \"Engage your minds, before you engage your weapons.\"-Lt.General Mattis


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      BTW, if your brother is actually in Charlotte, the only way it's an hour and 15 minutes if he is in east Charlotte, and he leaves at 5:00PM. Otherwise, it's 30-45 minutes (maybe less, depending on where in Charlotte.)

      However, if he wants something in Charlotte, follow Andre's advice.


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        I think where worth the drive personally 8)
        \"Engage your minds, before you engage your weapons.\"-Lt.General Mattis


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          Thanks for the replies guys...

          My brother is moving up from Waxhaw this month into Mooresville. Sorry, I know I said Charlotte - I should have been clearer and said Mooresville. Yahoo says it's over an hour - with no traffic - from Mooresville to Gastonia. That's why I assumed he would not want to make the drive.

          It looks like you guys have a real nice facility. I'll tell him about the opportunity in Charlotte, although is there anything right in Mooresville? (That should have been my question from the beginning.)


          Scott Whitehead


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            No problem!

            I don't know of anything in Mooresville. Does he want KM specifically? If so, he's certainly out of luck, but if he's looking for something else, I can ask around.


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              Well, I've been pushing him toward KM. He's has experience in boxing, kick-boxing, Tae Kwan Do, and a few other arts over the years. I think he's looking for something practical, brutal, and something to keep him in shape. KM with a little MMA mixed in would be perfect for him.

              And based on the traffic on Brawley School Road, you'd think a location there would do pretty damn well.....

              Thanks for the input guys. I'll down for a week around July 4th - maybe I'll stop in and check the place out and train with you for a few classes. I'm always willing to make the drive a few times....


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                Sounds good...just e-mail me beforehand, since that week won't be a normal class week.

                Where do you currently train?


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                  I'm at Krav Maga Detroit right now.
                  Right now I'm getting back into the swing of things after a long break because of knee injuries. I'm now up to 6 surgeries on my left knee. Ugh... I guess it's the penalty I'm paying for playing Football - specifically offensive line - for 11 years right up through college. Oh well.

                  I previously studied for several years at Dragon Academy, also in Michigan.

                  I'll definitely drop you an E-Mail before I come down. And if you do anything in the Mooresville area, or know anyone who is, I'd really appreciate a heads-up. Thanks!


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                    So, you're with Paul C.? He's great! Tell him I said hello, and be greatful for the training you're getting from him. He's a real asset to KM.


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                      Yup. Paul and I started training at the same time years ago. I spent a lot of time trading punches with him. :lol: All was great until the knee acted up again. :(

                      Yes, he is a huge asset to KM. He joined with Zac, and outstanding instructor from the area to start KM Detroit, and they're already doing a great job (despite the city making their path pretty tough). If their business skills are half as good as their people skills and instructing skills, they'll do fantastic.

                      I'll tell him you said HI. I look forward to meeting you in NC next time I'm down there.


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                        I met Zac in LA a few months ago. He seemed like a good guy, also.


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                          Any updates on the \"north of Charlotte\" area? Looks like I might be moving to Mooresville as well very soon. Unfortunately, just as Zac and Paul get their place rocking away, I need to move away.

                          With all the NASCAR teams in the area, and the fitness craze in that area right now, I'd think a location there would do very well.

                          Anything at all in the Mooresville/Statesville area? <fingers crossed>


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                            I'm afraid not, my friend. Just our location in Gastonia and the JCC program in Charlotte.


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                              Been a while, and I just wanted to mention that I'm still interested in a Mooresville area location, if anyone knows of one coming.....