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Getting Started in Seattle & Other Questions for All

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  • Getting Started in Seattle & Other Questions for All

    Hello All,

    I have been considering Krav Maga for a long time, about ready to pull the trigger on this but had some questions. Pardon me, this might be a very long post. Hopefully I am creating this topic in the appropriate forum.

    First - there are two schools in Seattle area, one in Bellevue and one in Renton. I was wondering if anyone can provide their experiences or opinions regarding either school.

    Second - how many days/week should I devote to Krav Maga? Most schools offer four to six days of training for level 1. How many days are considered adequate?

    Third - i'm currently conducting strength training and using the StrongLifts program. I'm in my ninth week of a 12-week cycle. I enjoy this kind of training and would like to continue. The routine requires that I lift three days per week with squats being performed on all three days. The program recommends that I do no other activities on days off to facilitate full recovery and growth. My question is are there any members here who do StrongLifts, Starting Strength or other similar program? If so, how do you fit Krav Maga training into your week?

    Fourth - I'm not really doing any cardio or HIIT fitness training (though I do enjoy it). The StrongLifts program zaps my energy and my lifting days are quite long (1.5 hours), so at the end of it I just want to get out of there. Will it be good practice to do some HIIT cardio before I start Krav Maga?

    Fifth - We have a good boxing gym in Seattle. Should I start there first for a few months before I start Krav Maga?

    Thanks for the time!

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    Re: Getting Started in Seattle & Other Questions for All

    Hello Polymorphist

    I would suggest you consider what your goals are before starting any other physical training programs. Also without knowing your age and current physical condition no one could give a reasonable recommendation about adding on another training regiment. While I canít comment on the Stonglifts program or the HIIT training I can make a suggestion about KM and boxing.

    If you want to do KM for self defense training I would say go for it. I would only suggest training two to three times a week. While you can train more you will get burned out pretty quick. If you find you desire more then 3 days then go for it. I always suggest people to cross train on other styles, and nothing beats boxing for basic punching and movement mechanics. Your cardiovascular conditioning is important for anything you do.

    My suggestion if youíre young and single would be

    A days Mon, Wed, Fri
    Cardiovascular conditioning-Morning
    KM training - Evening

    B days Tues, Thur, Sat
    Weight training-Morning

    Sunday is youíre off day, even if you donít end up enjoying KM boxing is the base for so many other combative programs so you would still have a worthwhile investment of your time. Just remember the older you get the longer your body takes to heal. One last thing about weight training, remember everything comes from the core, make sure itís the strongest part of your workout.