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Default Re: Krav Maga and being safe at home

I would never leave my dog unattended in the yard while I'm not at home. Too many wacko's out there as well as devious thieves. But also my Pit/Bulldog is my companion not my protector or security system, it's just a bonus that she's an extra deterrent. (Prolly just lick the guy breakin in anyway ;-).
a 12 or 20 gauge shotty with a light load is great protection in my book I.e.' wide spread, no over penetration, no fumbling ease of use. Plus my dog drops and covers when she hears me rack it. Also CCI makes shot shell cartridges for .38 spcl / .357 mag that works very good at close range without over penetration and has a nice spread.
Anyone deciding to go Shotgun for home defense would be wise to pick up Massad Ayoob's book Stressfire 2: tactical shotguns. Or any Massad Ayoob, Clint Smith, John Farnem book. Watchin Dirty Harry just don't cut it.
just my .02 cents.
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