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Joseph Kor
Default Re: I don't know if KM is for me ?

This job of yours sound very risky. generally speaking, knowing any kind of Self defense is a positive thing and can be useful. KM, is probably one of the best programs that can offer you what you may require. while therer's a big emphasis on fitness, this doesnt necessraily mean that you need it to pull of some of the techniques. KM SD maneuvers arent about strength or stamina. furthermore, not every school practice alot of groundwork and i've heard some provide very littel, so you might want to look for that school who has more tools on how to fight on the ground if that interest you.

with that said,

if you're not working in the law enforcement or serving in the military, and you find yourself in constant danger during your work. taking SD lessons might not be the first option to consider in solving the problem.

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