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You sound lazy, just like me. Approximately one year ago a nutjob in my old neighborhood (Echo Park, a funky if transitioning neighborhood) was stalking my building, lurking around the front steps, ignoring police orders to stay away, buzzing and threatening tenants, banging on windows, repeatedly trying to sneak in through the laundry room, brandishing a knife on a occasion, etc. After a few days of this, I proceeded to do 3 things. 1) Get a crap ton of pepper spray at a gun store in Burbank (the kind that works on people on meth or PCP) and teach my girlfriend how to use it. 2) Move to another funky if transitioning neighborhood, and a better part of these sorts of neighborhoods. 3) Sign up for Krav Maga, thinking I probably wouldn't last too long but might learn a few useful things. Cut to a year later and I'm hooked, preparing to take my orange belt test (Level 2 to Level 3) next month. It's become a very important part of my life; has helped me personally in ways I never could've imagined, ways completely unrelated to physicality/fitness/self-defense.

That said, take or don't take Krav, but if you regularly find yourself in dangerous situations, you have to do something. At the very least, I'd 1) re-evaluate your work situation. 2) Research pepper spray (the good kind that works on drunk/high people) and the laws pertaining to it as they might relate to you. 3) Take some form of reality based self-defense (RBSD), and soon. A little internet research will lead you in the right direction. Obviously for myself and a lot of other people, Krav Maga is the best. It may or may not be for you (though of all the martial arts -- of which there's some debate about whether Krav Maga is or is not technically a martial art, a topic that's not important at the moment -- Krav Maga is arguably the most useful/comprehensive for self-defense.) Either way, you should probably find out before it's too late, if only for your peace of mind/psychological safety.

Last thing. About the lazy comment. No disrespect intended, especially if you have a real physical limitation (though what you're doing in such a dangerous job if that's the case raises an eyebrow.) Anyway, that wasn't a dig, more an I know where you're coming from show of solidarity. Thing is, there are times in life where the pain of doing nothing (if not being physically attacked) trumps the pain of physical exertion and your own mental limits. This sounds like it could be one of those times for you, as it was for me. However things end up playing out, best of luck, and by all means please stay safe.

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