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Default Re: I don't know if KM is for me ?

Hello nice, You mention JJ as training. You must understand that JJ is a very complex system of stand up grappling mostly. JJ consists of many holds and locks that are done mostly standing up and can take years to learn.
Krav Maga system is design to learn in only months. You will need to attend 2 hours a week only to benefit. KM systems will not teach you submissions like JJ or BJJ but will teach you easy to learn defenses and strikes that anybody can grasp as long as they are willing. The most injury I have endured is only cuts and bruises. Nothing serious.
Systems like Muay Thai are far harder on the body. I have been doing MT for several months now and believe me it is harder on the body.
I think if you are serious you should give KM a try. The HQ is in LA area
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