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Default Re: I don't know if KM is for me ?

I am over 50, but I do not have any chronic illness that I know of. I just started a KM class, and made it clear that I am going to go at my own speed. The reaction from the staff was overwhelmingly agreed. They do not want you to have a heart attack in class, and want you to come back.

KM is great exercise, and will most likely improve your quality of life. Don't worry about what others are doing, just go at your own pace. Heck, I've seen people in wheelchairs training in KM. You may even like it and start training more!

As far as getting sued, anything is possible in this day and age, but a lot of states are making it tough on frivolous lawsuits. If it is your word against theirs, and they were drunk and you were not, who is a judge or jury to believe? If this is part of your job, take out some liability insurance and let them handle any lawsuits. Your safety should be your first and only concern.
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