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Default Cookeville, TN


I have been taking various martial arts for about 4 years now and love to learn about new ones. While Krav Maga isn't classified as a martial art, I find that it is interesting to an enthusiast such as myself. I am just wondering if anyone has found any interest in the town I live in and would ever think of having Krav Maga classes here.

I live in Cookeville, Tennessee and martial arts here are limited. The generalization consists of basically 3 Tae-kwon-doe schools and 1 authentic Aikido and Kenpo school. I am (was) as student of the latter until I lost interest with the teacher mixing foreign religious aspects into Aikido (which was founded on uniformity with all religions).

I first learned of Krav Maga while reading the novel based on the video game \"Splinter Cell\". The antagonist Sam Fisher, a government super-spy, is a practitioner of Krav Maga. After hearing about it, I decided to do some reasearch and found the history of the system, as well as some basic pillars and techniques. I plan on taking several more martial arts, but decided to first (re)start with Krav Maga--only there isn't a school in my town, and getting to one would require 1hr+ long drive.

So, I hope my words have sparked some interest. I would love to see the system get started in my city, and I'm sure the law enforcement here could use it as well!

~Nik M.

P.S: If you want some more information on the town or the martial arts available, please contact me by email ([email protected]). Thanks!
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Default Re: Cookeville, TN

i agree! i would love to have a krav maga teacher here! i realy dont want to settle for karate....and Tae-kwon-doe and me dont get along haha
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