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Jun 5

Why Self Defense Classes for Children Must Be Paired with a Healthy Diet


At Krav Maga Worldwide, our self defense classes for children will give your child a positive outlet for their energy. Furthermore, it will serve as a fun and encouraging social environment where they can build self confidence, self discipline, and learn practical and effective self defense techniques that they’ll be able to utilize for years to come. Raising happy, healthy kids is every parent’s goal, and our self defense classes for children will definitely check off the box in the exercise department. However, that doesn’t mean that you’re out of the woods, just yet.

A Healthy Lifestyle Takes Exercise and a Well-Balanced Diet

In order to promote a healthy lifestyle for your child, you have to pair their exercise routine with a healthy, well-balanced diet—and because sugary, high-calorie foods are being advertised around every corner, it’s not as easy of a feat as it seems. However, it’s definitely well worth it, not only in the long run, but for their success each and every day. There are many reasons why a healthy diet should always be paired with our self defense classes for children.

A Well-Balanced Diet = Fuel

In order to give your child the fuel they need to excel in our self defense classes for children, it takes a balanced combination of carbs and protein. While many might say to cut out as much fatty/sugary foods as possible, not getting enough of the good fats out there will leave your child unable to produce energy or start building up their muscles.

One of the best things you can do is make sure that your child eats a wholesome breakfast—it’s the best way to start the day and give them the energy they need to do well in school, put effort into their training, and anything they put their mind to—and have a home cooked meal waiting for them every night. Fast food is easy, cheap, and it tastes good. However, when you get down to the nutrition, it doesn’t compare to a well-balanced dinner that features a variety of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and protein.


A Healthy Diet = Better Sleep Habits

We’ve all heard about foods with a high sugar content, like cookies and soda, giving our bodies a sugar-high in the moment and leads to a nasty crash a couple of hours down the line. It’s clear that after experiencing a crash like that, exercise will be the farthest thing from your child’s mind. Did you know that, without a well-balanced diet, your child may experience poor sleeping habits, as well? There’s no way that a long, disruptive night of tossing and turning will leave your child feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the day. But by changing their eating habits, you can put them on the path to success.

First things first, a heavy meal right before bed is not the answer. Snacking is fine as long as you keep it small—like a piece of string cheese or a cup of yogurt—but going overboard can cause a belly ache and multiple trips to the bathroom (large meals have been proven to activate the digestive system). Also, make sure to cut out caffeine before bed from sources like soda, chocolate, and tea. Just remember, better sleeping habits result in a brighter day ahead!

Contact Krav Maga Worldwide Today!

If you have any questions regarding why self defense classes for children must be paired with a healthy diet, feel free to call us today at (800) KRAV-MAGA. We also have a certified nutritionist on staff if you ever want to talk in person.



Apr 23

Krav Maga Santa Monica Self-Defense Offers Valuable Skills for Young People

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No parent ever wants to imagine their child being faced with a terrifying scenario. Yet, as kids grow up, it’s inevitable that they will spend less time under your protection and more time on their own. This is a part of life, and the only way to keep kids safe is to educate them.

Whether a child is on the playground at school, riding bikes in the neighborhood, or at a sleepover with friends, being aware of basic safety rules will go a long way in keeping him or her protected. However, the aim should be to empower kids, not make them afraid of the world around them. Teaching them to avoid bullies and be wary of child predators simply isn’t enough. They also need to know how to physically defend themselves.

The Krav Maga Self-Defense for Kids Program

Our Krav Maga Santa Monica classes offer kids a training program that can also develop life-saving instincts and physical strength. It makes a great supplement to the safety lessons most children are already learning from their parents, such as how to dial 911 in an emergency and how to recognize when to be wary of strangers.

With our program in Krav Maga, Santa Monica’s children can have self-defense training that includes:

  • Practical exercises with real-life scenarios, such as an attack by a kidnapper
  • An environment focused on learning, not competition
  • Repetitive, though not boring, learning techniques that have been proven effective
  • Age-appropriate training
  • An education on conflict resolution and why violence should always be the last resort
  • A program that can greatly increase physical fitness and emotional health through the benefits of exercise

Krav Maga and Self-Esteem: How Confidence Can Save a Child’s Life

As most parents are already aware, bullying is an escalating problem in the United States. When you think of how bullying relates to Krav Maga, you might imagine your child having the ability to fight off a physical attack. This is a valuable skill, but the Krav Maga Santa Monica program can help your child onto a path of greater success.

As a child sees him or herself improve with the Krav Maga practice, confidence and self-esteem will develop. In Krav Maga, people are individuals who fight their battles for themselves, and a child’s practice is unique. It takes time, but as the training works its magic and the child learns discipline and determination, he or she will also develop assertiveness and self-confidence that can greatly aid in settling conflicts with bullies and staying calm in other dangerous situations.

At the same time, improvements in physical fitness will fight against the physical aspects of depression and anxiety, which, unfortunately, many young people are dealing with today.

The Krav Maga Santa Monica km-X™ Youth Program

Our program teaches self-defense for kids in a fun, supportive, and effective way. We stress function over form, teaching kids to use their natural reflexes to defend themselves with efficiency. If you’re interested in our Krav Maga youth program, please contact us today. Krav Maga Worldwide’s qualified trainers are ready to supply your kids with an education that can enrich and protect them for the rest of their lives.


Apr 9

3 Important Components of Self Defense for Children


When it comes to children, I think we can all agree that they can never be safe enough. We can teach them the best we can and give them safety tips, but unfortunately danger is still lurking. While it’s important to teach children not to talk to strangers, it is also a good idea to teach children how to properly defend themselves should a situation arise where those skills are needed. Self defense for children is just the ticket they need.

To help keep children safe, one of the best things you can do is teach them the basics of self defense through Krav Maga training. Teaching kids the basics of Krav Maga will help them build the strength and confidence they need to properly defend themselves. There are typically 3 main components that factor in to self defense for children, which includes teaching them the basics, helping them build strength, and instilling inner confidence.

Learning the Basics

The best way to start with Krav Maga and self defense for children is to teach them the basics. Whether it’s punches, knee strikes, or kicks, it is best practice to begin with the basics. Instead of jumping in headfirst with difficult concepts, it is also wise to start more simply. Once children start learning the basics, they tend to want to take things further and learn more complex concepts.

Here at Krav Maga Worldwide™ we focus on teaching children the basics to help them get used to training. Learning the basics becomes the foundation for program success. Initially the goal is to get children excited about learning more.

Building Strength

A big component in self defense for children is helping them build both inner and outer strength. Children’s classes help them improve body awareness, coordination, and posture. While self defense is a very large part of Krav Maga for children, it’s not the only part. Functional physical fitness techniques are ingrained in every class to help children build strength. Increased outer strength often leads to increased inner strength.

Aside from outer strength there is mental strength component to training. Teaching children how to calmly rationalize in dangerous situations and coaching them on judgement and reaction time are all invaluable learning components to training. Children are taught that violence is not the answer and that they should resort to their training as a last resort. Children are also taught how to cope should they encounter a real life confrontation.

Self Defense for Children Instills Inner Confidence

Undoubtedly one of the best aspects of children’s self defense is the personal growth that can result from training. Adults and children alike have reported feeling an inner sense of confidence that they had never experienced prior to self defense classes. For children, inner confidence early on can have some tremendous benefits. A child that feels good about themselves tends to be a child that makes positive lifestyle choices. For a child, confidence can come in many forms and is usually the result of a positive event in life. Through classes, children feel a heightened sense of accomplishment as they work through the training, which can translate into their daily life, both in their personal and academic life.

Enroll Your Child Today

If your child has expressed interest in self defense class or you are interested in having them learn, see our website for details on our children’s classes. Not only do children learn the basics they need to stay safe, but they gain an inner and outer strength that is truly priceless. Enroll your child today.

Mar 16

What Are the Best Classes for Kids’ Self Defense?


When you enroll your child in a kids’ self defense class, the benefits are innumerable. Not only will your child learn self-discipline, feel more confident in themselves, and build a healthier body, but they will be able to defend themselves in potentially dangerous situations—something every parent worries about. However, with so many different options to choose from, how do you know which class is the best for your child?

Depending on what you want your child to get out of self defense classes, certain options may be better than others. The only way to find out which class is right for your child is to a bit of research, sit in on a few classes, and make sure it’s what you child really wants to do. To help you get started on your research, here are a few disciplines that are great for kids’ self defense.


When looking for kids’ self defense classes, Judo is one option to keep in mind. Oftentimes, bullies are much larger than their chosen victims, whether they are an older child or an adult. The reason Judo is useful for kids is because it isn’t about bulking up and being a stronger version of yourself; Judo is about using your attacker’s strength and weight against them.

Judo focuses less on strikes and more on throws and grappling techniques—such as pins, chokes, and various locking methods. Similar to many other martial arts, Judo is a type of self defense that shies away from counterattacks, and instead centers on throwing your attacker off balance and getting away. If you want to teach your child more of an offensive technique, then Judo is not your best option.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is also an option when looking to enroll your child in a kids’ self defense class. It’s important for kids to avoid confrontation at all costs, but when violence cannot be avoided, you want your child to be able to defend themselves. Oftentimes when kids get into fights, it gets taken to the ground. Many martial art disciplines fail to teach their students how to protect themselves on the ground, focusing more intently on a standing fighting stance, kicks and strikes—but not Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Similar to Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is ideal for a smaller person who needs to defend themselves against a larger adversary. Focusing primarily on gaining a better position than their opponent, students will be taught stand-up maneuvers as well as ground techniques.

Krav Maga

If you really want the whole package, choose Krav Maga for your kids’ self defense class. At Krav Maga Worldwide, students will learn practical techniques that focus on function rather than form—and to make sure that children get the attention and mentoring that they need to succeed, KMW has a youth program specifically for those between the ages 5-13. Krav maga encourages students to avoid confrontation, but if the fight gets brutal, they will know how to defend themselves and fight back.

While the km-X kids program is focused primarily on the defensive side, Krav Maga is a revolutionary martial art that incorporates a large variety of techniques, including kicks and knee attacks, boxing punches, throws and grappling, and ground fighting. For more information, call 800-KRAV-MAGA today!