2014 was an incredible year for Krav Maga Worldwide. After being named Best Martial Arts Instruction by LA Weekly in their end-of-year reader’s poll, we knew we needed a way to really introduce ourselves to the world and start 2015 off right. We got it when we were invited to give a free self-defense Los Angeles seminar aboard the battleship U.S.S. Iowa. But, what began as an exclusive Krav Maga training session for the ship’s crew soon expanded as we realized the community’s interest in Krav Maga. We decided opened the seminar to the public, and were rewarded with an unprecedented response.

A Community Connection

Our self-defense Los Angeles seminar aboard the Iowa nearly 50 attendees from the community, who got the opportunity to train side-by-side with the ship’s crew under some of our most expert instructors. Many of our KMW instructors also have ties to local law enforcement, and there was a tangible camaraderie between community members, the Iowa staff, and instructors that made the event truly special for us, and fun for all involved. This event surpassed all of our expectations, and we weren’t the only ones who took notice of our exceptional turnout.

Our event drew such a buzz that even local media outlets wanted to know what we were up to aboard the Iowa. Dish Nation and KTLA both showed up, and we even got a shoutout on HOT 92.3 the day of the event. This was, quite honestly, an unprecedented reaction from the city and we’d like to sincerely thank everyone who got involved and made our self-defense Los Angeles seminar the huge success that it was.


Aboard the U.S.S. Iowa

It was eye-opening for many of our seminar attendees, particularly those with no martial arts experience, to see men and women of our military taking self-defense instruction from civilians. We commend the crew and staff of the U.S.S Iowa for setting such a fine example to our students and instructors, and we were thrilled to see the excitement and interest they took in Krav Maga and its techniques. Even for a trained soldier there is always more to learn, and we think everyone benefitted from that lesson.

Our self-defense Los Angeles seminar was a free event, open to students of all ages who wanted to learn life-changing, potentially life-saving defense techniques. Our seminar students went through basic combatives such as punches, kicks and knees with our instructors, and even learned a few choke defenses and other specialized Krav Maga techniques. We welcome all skill levels to our classes, and our instructors are eager to work with veteran MMA fighters and new students alike. We encountered a fantastic range of skill levels and martial arts backgrounds during our seminar aboard the Iowa, and we think our instructors came away just as impressed as our students.

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