Perspectives are constantly changing on how to best supplement an active lifestyle. Studies show that the best way to pack your body full of energy for the long haul is lean protein. It’s time to stack the deck in your favor by filling your kitchen with the best sources of lean protein.

Sliced chicken breastSkinless Chicken and Turkey

When you need to get the proper nutrition to bolster your system before or after a Krav Maga session, white meat is the way to go. Dark meat can even be acceptable, if you ditch the skin. Besides getting a hefty dose of protein, you’ll get plenty of vitamin B and selenium.

Pack the Power: Eggs

Popular opinion seems to waver on whether eggs are a good source of protein. The bottom line is that eggs are one of the best sources of lean protein and one of the most nutritionally complete foods. If you’re worried about saturated fats, you can discard the yolk. Keep your energy up during Krav Maga practice with a healthy dose of eggs.

Edamame in bowlBest-Kept Protein Secret: Edamame

Some of the best sources of lean protein are fairly common knowledge, but here’s a more obscure one: edamame. Use this lean, green, protein machine to bolster your diet and maximize your Krav Maga workout.

Improve Your Chops With Pork Chops

Instead of seeking out the leanest cut of steak, try going for pork chops. As one of the best sources of lean protein, pork chops are low-calorie compared to many other meats, yet still pack a big protein punch. Supplement your chops with a low-calorie marinade consisting of lime juice, chili powder, and garlic powder.

Fish From a Can

This one may come as a surprise, but fish from a can can be far healthier than buying fillets. Salmon is famous for being one of the best sources of lean protein and is great medicine for the heart. The good news is that most canned tuna and salmon is actually wild caught, rather than farmed. This means that your canned fish is far less likely to have contaminants. Get your omega-3s and lean protein all at the same time to fill your body with the good stuff before a comprehensive Krav Maga workout.

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