The practice of Krav Maga is about more than just self defense training. It’s also about creating and maintaining a healthful lifestyle that ignites your passions and motivates you to conquer every aspect of your life. There are plenty of simple ways to supplement your Krav Maga practice.

assorted berries1. Maintaining a Healthful Diet

It’s difficult to overstate the importance of a healthful diet in an active lifestyle. The fuel you put into your body determines the way you feel, the way you think, and much more. Set the stage for a beneficial Krav Maga practice by taking advantage of the on-site nutritionist at Krav Maga Worldwide.

2. Stretching Exercises

Many people forget that the first step to any exercise regimen should be at least ten minutes of stretching exercises. It’s important to keep your joints and muscles stretched and relaxed throughout your workout. You’re much more likely to pull or strain a muscle if you don’t give yourself ample time to stretch before your Krav Maga practice.

3. Mastering Breathing Techniques

stretching athleteMany people miss out on many of the benefits of exercise because of improper breathing techniques. As your heart rate goes up, your muscles require more air. If you’re finding yourself out of breath or using quick, shallow breaths, concentrate on filling and emptying your stomach. Normalizing your breathing patterns can help you stay relaxed during your workout so you can reach your maximum endurance. The key to a life-changing Krav Maga practice is getting in touch with your breathing.

comfortable bed4. Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Your Krav Maga practice is about a lot more than just the exercise and training you do on the floor. Your practice really starts from the moment you wake up. Scratch that—from the moment you hit the pillow the night before! Getting a good night’s sleep is a fantastic way to prepare yourself for the challenge of Krav Maga.

You must build your practice around a complete and healthful lifestyle. The benefits of getting sufficient sleep are almost innumerable. You’ll have more mental and physical energy, you’ll be in a better mood, and you’ll be more poised to handle all the stresses that life will throw at you.

5. Taking Advice from Your Instructor

You have a Krav Maga instructor for a reason. Get to know your instructor and seek guidance from him or her. Having a highly skilled mentor is the path to taking full advantage of your Krav Maga practice. After all, you’re not going on this adventure alone. Krav Maga Worldwide is dedicated to creating a sustainable community—look to others in your classes and especially your instructors for support.

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