You’re going strong in your classes. You’re nailing every Krav Maga technique, eating a healthy diet, working on your flexibility, and staying aware of your surroundings. What’s missing?

Something that many people don’t consider when beginning a training program is sleep. It’s quite obvious to most of us that sleep is always important, but for those participating in a self-defense training system, it’s more crucial than ever. Not only will physical and mental exhaustion keep you from mastering a Krav Maga technique, but it will also reduce the rate in which your muscles recover.

How Does Sleep Improve Your Workouts?


When we sleep, our bodies go through different cycles. The primary cycle for physical healing and recovery is REM sleep, which occurs about once every 90 minutes. During this deep sleep, human growth hormone is released, which helps your body heal and develop muscles, grow healthier skin, increase weight loss, and better absorb nutrients.

There is also a direct relationship between healthy sleep and hunger. When you get adequate rest, your hormone levels balance, which can end unhealthy food cravings. Eating a healthy diet based on nutrient-rich foods will also help, so make sure you do your very best to stick to your diet plan.

The quality of your sleep is just as important as the length of time you stay asleep. If something stirs you awake before you can enter the REM stage, you won’t experience any recovery benefits. For this reason, everyone working on a Krav Maga technique should make an effort to ensure that their sleeping environment is fit for ideal rest.

What Can You Do to Improve Sleep?

  • Designate a Quiet Area

Dozing off isn’t the same as getting deep sleep. It’s tempting to have an entertainment system at the foot of your bed, but television, videogames, and computers can all interfere with sleep. Rather than watching cable until you get tired, try going to your bedroom, turning the lights low, and spending a few minutes relaxing before bed. It will prep you for healthy rest and ensure that falling asleep with the television on doesn’t keep your body from going into the deeper sleep cycles.

  • Stick to a Schedule

Weekends are for sleeping in, right? Wrong! While there’s nothing wrong with lounging in bed a little longer than you normally would, it’s best to stick to a sleep schedule if you want to improve your Krav Maga technique. As you have probably already experienced, drastically oversleeping can make you feel pretty crummy. It can also throw off your sleep cycles, keeping you up later at night and reducing the quality of your rest.

  • Allow Time to Wind Down



Practicing Krav Maga in the evenings is fine, but make sure you allow a few good hours to cool your body and calm your mind before you go to bed. You may feel tired right after class, but your body is still very wound up. Try taking a hot bath, meditating, or doing some relaxing stretches in dim lighting before bed. If you must watch television at night, keep the subject matter soothing. A lighthearted comedy is a much better choice than a dramatic action film. Soft music helps, too!

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