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No matter your age or gender, your interests or personal preferences, you should always feel comfortable in your own skin. We create classes with a variety of individuals in mind: men, women, and children with varying athletic capabilities. Krav Maga Worldwide’s self-defense classes are your perfect fit.

What is Self-Defense for Krav Maga Worldwide?

You may find yourself wondering, “what is self-defense?” At Krav Maga Worldwide, our revolutionary self-defense tactics are tested on both the battlefield and the streets, protecting not only U.S. military and law enforcement personnel, but the ordinary, everyday citizens that they protect. By taking our introductory self-defense course, not only will you feel secure and confident in your own skin, but you will be able to see a change in your mind and body that is satisfactory in of itself.

You Don’t Have to Stop at the Introduction

Also, if our introductory self-defense classes make you want to reach an even higher goal, train an average of two to three times per week and you should complete the curriculum and step into the next level. That’s right, at Krav Maga Worldwide we offer a variety of training levels so that there is a routine fit for anyone who wants to better their mind and body.

No matter what you initially hope to receive from our self-defense system, we have the appropriate training level for all of our students, including children, military personnel, and those looking to get fit. Because we offer various levels of our classes, you should never feel too intimidated to join. We are here for you; you are the one that matters. All you have to do is stick to what is self-defense for your own life, what it means for you to become a better version of yourself, and you’ll have all the willpower you need to succeed.

Basic Tactics and Fundamentals


To delve exactly into what is self-defense for Krav Maga Worldwide, our classes teach various tactics that can be used on the street to defend against unexpected, violent encounters. We teach using a healthy variety of punches and training drills, as well as defense against strikes, chokes,and grabs.

Our training drills help you to work through the stress of an unexpected situation where violence is inevitable, and function successfully through the shock that may come with it. In the end, we want all of our students to feel safe in their own skin, and be prepared to defend themselves in any dangerous situation.

Our introductory classes teach the basics of self-defense and fighting, and students will learn basic fundamentals such as Krav Maga’s fighting stance and movement, and kicks from a standing position as well as from the ground. No matter the situation, students who train hard and dedicate themselves to learning these tactics will have the confidence they need to fully live in a world that can sometimes prove to be difficult.

Take the Next Step

Whether you are interested in how to start, or are still wondering “what is self-defense?,” visit us online, at a training center, or reach us by phone today. Krav Maga Worldwide’s self-defense classes are great as a workout routine, an extra measure of protection, or for peace of mind. Contact us today to see the countless doors a little bit of confidence and self-esteem could open for you.

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