Every year between March and April, millions of people across the country prepare to take off on spring break vacations to popular destinations like Las Vegas, Panama City Beach and Cabo San Lucas. While spending time away from your busy life and basking in the sun sounds great, there are numerous spring break dangers that can occur while in your blissful state, such as becoming prey for local assailants, drinking too much and venturing into dangerous parts of town.

Below are some tips from Krav Maga Worldwide, a global leader in personal defense training, on what you can do to have a safe and enjoyable spring break.

Research, plan and research some more. You can never be too safe when it comes to picking your vacation destination, which hotel you will be staying at and the activities you will be doing. Research any recent criminal activities that have happened in the city you have your eye on and check user review sites for actual guests’ opinions on hotels and activities. It’s also important to note and keep in mind where the closest hospital and police station is in relation to where you’ll be staying.

Equip yourself with lifesaving knowledge. Before hitting the open road or boarding a plane to your destination, make self-defense training a part of your preparations. Krav Maga Worldwide training on fundamental self-defense techniques like straight punches, kicks to the groin and escaping bear hugs, grabs or chokes will give you the skills you need to fight back in a self-defense situation and get away safe. Make the time to make regular training (two or three times a week) a part of your routine. It’s the best way to keep your self-defense skills sharp.

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