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Krav Maga Rankings

Krav Maga belts are your status symbol of reaching the next level in your training. Level of school is often determined based on a student’s belt color. Consider your belt as a marker of the progress you have achieved in your next level of training. The belt system is used in Krav Maga programs worldwide, so they are universally known and respected. Looking to learn more about the belt system? Here’s our breakdown on belts in the Krav Maga rankings.

Various Levels of the Belt System

Upon completion of levels in Krav Maga training, students often work to earn belts, which form the basis of Krav Maga rankings. Each class and level is extremely challenging and intense, so students certainly earn their stripes as they work to obtain their next belt. Training is not taken lightly in this self-defense system. Each level that a student works through has its own layer of difficulty, so students can expect each to be challenging in different ways. Due to the increasing difficulty and training required from one of the Krav Maga belt levels to the next, each one will take a different length of time to complete. So what are the levels and what is the approximate timeline for achievement on each?

Belts in Krav Maga: The Levels

  • Level 1: Testing for Yellow Belt Level (About four months)
  • Level 2: Testing for Orange Belt Level (About six months)
  • Level 3: Testing for Green Belt Level (About nine months)
  • Level 4: Testing for Blue Belt Level (About nine months)
  • Level 5: Testing for Brown and Black Belt Level* (About twelve months)

*Krav Maga Worldwide offers black belt testing by invitation only. In order to be considered for a black belt invitation, you must have completed 12 months of training with a brown belt.

Above is a list of the levels and belts used to identify Krav Maga rankings. The timelines provided up above are purely approximations. Each student will advance at a different pace depending on how often a student trains, as well as their readiness. We always tell students to go at their own pace and test for the next belt when they truly feel they are ready.

Progressing Through Belt Levels

Working from one belt to the next is no doubt a major challenge, but many students that are dedicated to improving are able to advance. Often times, depending on where you take Krav Maga classes, you will be required to test once the required amount of time has been reached. From here you typically will fill out a permission form to be able to test.

Receiving Your Belt

Upon testing to reach the next belt level, students that pass will receive their belt and diploma and move up to the next level. Occasionally, students that test for the next level do not pass the test. From here a student typically will work with the instructor to help determine the areas needed for improvement in their Krav Maga rankings.

If you’re considering testing for your first belt, or perhaps another level of Krav Maga, make sure to speak with your Krav Maga instructor to find out what is required for you to reach your next level and train hard.

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