krav maga classes for kids

The best self-defense classes for safe and strong kids

Martial arts and self-defense training is an activity that many parents choose for their kids because it’s somewhat easy for kids to understand that they need to know how to protect themselves from “bad guys”. There are myriad choices for kids self-defense classes and the diversity of what is offered actually dilutes what is important about self-defense in general. It’s not just about getting kids into a self-defense or martial arts class, it’s about getting kids into the right class with expert instructors who will provide the right kind of training. There really has to be a system for learning and for teaching the application self-defense skills or kids and their parents will be wasting time

krav maga videos

Six must watch videos for better Krav Maga

Six must watch videos for better Krav Maga Krav Maga Worldwide® self-defense is a system that was designed to bring people to a high level of proficiency in self-defense in a short period of time. It is intentionally structured to be easy to learn and easy to recall under stress. However, like anything, it takes practice to develop mastery. Building Krav Maga skills for effective self-defense involves focusing on details that could mean the difference Read more…

effective self-defense

3 Reasons Krav Maga Is The Most Effective Self-Defense System.

3 Reasons Krav Maga Is The Most Effective Self-Defense System. The Krav Maga Worldwide® self-defense system was developed in Israel in the late 1940’s by a man named Imi Lichtenfeld. Israel was a newly formed nation to which people from all over the world were immigrating. There was standing military in Israel so the new, rapidly growing, population was tapped to serve in defense of the nation. Imi was asked to come up with a Read more…

Krav Maga Levels

How to prepare for a Krav Maga Belt Test.

Krav Maga Belt Test Preparation. Krav Maga Worldwide® self-defense is a self-defense system that was originally developed in Israel by a man named Imi Lichtenfeld. At the end of WWII when people were immigrating to the newly formed nation of Israel, it quickly became clear to the newly formed country’s leaders that they were going to need a build a military in the interest of national defense. One of the main problems for Israel was Read more…

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To fight or not to fight. Applying self-defense training.

If you want to learn to fight. Krav Maga Worldwide will teach you how to fight. However Krav Maga Worldwide will not teach you to go out and start a fight. The level of safety, security, and confidence any person has at any given time is always subjective. Some people get nervous and intimidated just being out in public, going to the store, running errands, etc. It’s important to know that you have the skills and the mentality to defend yourself in order to be able to walk in peace and maintain a level of happiness in your life.

What are the benefits of Krav Maga?

What are the Benefits of Krav Maga?

It’s all about defending yourself so you can neutralize a threat or attacker, and survive. As a result of this mentality there is no technique that is considered “dirty” or “illegal” in Krav Maga if it means the difference in surviving an assault. This is another huge benefit of Krav Maga. Students are taught to target areas like the groin, eyes, and throat on an attacker because strikes to these targets illicit an involuntary response that can also impede functions like breathing, seeing, standing, etc.

strength training for self-defense and martial arts

Strength Training For Self-Defense and Martial Arts.

Taking self-defense classes at a Krav Maga Worldwide® certified training center will get you into amazing shape. Self-defense classes push your overall conditioning levels and consistently make your body adapt to new challenges. In order to become the most effective and efficient in your self-defense training however your program should include strength training for self-defense and martial arts specifically. Krav Maga Worldwide’s® mission is to empower every person with real skills to make them safer Read more…

the best self-defense classes for the streets

5 Facts About Krav Maga Self-Defense Classes.

Self-Defense For The Streets The definition of “the streets” can be vastly different depending your location. However it’s pretty clear that anyone interested in training in self-defense is considering the idea of being away from the safety of home and in a position where they are in danger of being harmed. If you don’t have the skills and mentality to overcome those sort of circumstances there’s an inherent fear based on the question “what would Read more…

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