Every day when you turn on the news, you hear more cases of younger children being bullied in school. If you have your own child, you may wonder if your little one would be strong enough to defend themselves against an older student and tell an adult. Are they aware of their surroundings? Would they be able to handle confrontation if it were to occur? Maybe it’s time to enroll your child in self-defense classes.

A Child-Centered Self-Defense Program

At Krav Maga, children learn not only how to defend themselves, but how to feel comfortable in their own skin. We have a specific class that focuses just on children—our youth program, km-X™ Kids Self-Defense—with the age range of our students spanning between 5 and 13. If you have an older teenager who would not qualify for that specific age group, but who is still interested in bettering their mind and body, don’t worry. We have various levels of self-defense courses at Krav Maga Worldwide, ensuring a perfect place for every type of learner to succeed.

Effective Self-Defense Lessons, Fun Environment

Krav Maga self-defense for boys

At Krav Maga, children will learn practical, reality-based self-defense that is a little different from what other establishments may teach. Contrasting from traditional martial arts, we emphasize function over form.

We want your child to be able to succeed in real-life, stressful situations, and our training brings success in a short amount of time. Though there will be real training involved, Krav Maga children will never feel intimidated or put-down—our instructors focus on keeping the class environment positive, fun and encouraging.

How Your Child Will Benefit

The point of a Krav Maga children-centered class is not to make your kids into street fighters, but to help them prepare for a dangerous situation. They will not only be able to handle confrontations, but avoid them entirely. You child will have more self-esteem, be more aware of his or her surroundings, and know when to turn back. Your child will be more attentive and confident enough to tell authorities.

Self-defense classes will help your child achieve a higher level of self-discipline, which will go far beyond these dangerous situations to benefit them in school and at home. An individual with self-discipline will think through a problem to find the best answer and not act on impulse—a skill that could benefit them their entire lives.

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Whether you are ready to enroll your child today, or if you have more questions regarding our Krav Maga children-centered self-defense classes, you should take the next step by calling or contacting us online today. You never know how many ways a self-defense class can benefit your child. Visit kravmaga.com, call 800-KRAV-MAGA, or visit us at one of our official Krav Maga Worldwide certified training centers near you!

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