Effective Boxing Classes and Workouts

While boxing was meant strictly for the ring, combining it with your Krav Maga training gives you more techniques to draw on in real-world fighting situations. At Krav Maga Worldwide, we want to ensure you have a comprehensive skill set that allows you to defend yourself with confidence. With our kickboxing and boxing classes, you’ll gain the experience you need to protect yourself in the most demanding and unexpected conditions.

Boxing Training Focus

During our boxing workouts, students will punch focus mitts, hit heavy bags, train footwork and movement, spar, and learn the ins and outs of western style boxing. Technique and conditioning will be emphasized as students are run through the various training regimens of professional boxers. You can expect plenty of high intensity interval training to supplement your boxing techniques during these classes.

Boxing & Kickboxing Focus

In our boxing classes, you work solely with your fists, but in our kickboxing classes, we introduce another element of fighting — your legs! Students will be trained with the same drills and training methods used by professional fighters including bag work, mitts, and sparring. Learn how to use both fists and feet to defend yourself in these high energy classes.

Intense Boxing Workouts

Our boxing training is a very demanding workout and is just as rigorous as our Krav Maga training. Come prepared to sweat through your clothes and exhaust your muscles. We highly recommend supplementing your Krav Maga skills with these additional techniques to ensure you’re a well-rounded fighter.

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