Congratulations to our newest Black Belt 3rd Dans:
(l-r) Howard Mallen, Mitch Markowitz, Mitch Tavera, and Kevin Lewis

Pictured with U.S. Chief Instructor, Darren Levine

“Congratulations to the new KMW Third Degree Black Belts! You are my brothers, colleagues, students and my teachers--thanks for helping build the Krav Maga System over the past 25 years. Collectively, you have nearly 120 years of Martial Arts Training...We still have much to do together to spread Krav Maga to those who need it most...”

- Darren Levine, U.S. Chief Instructor



Ken Hylind

Husband, dad, marketing wizard, graphic designer, multimedia assassin, Krav Maga enthusiast, musician, dj, songwriter, artist, and sarcastic, East Coast-style wise-ass.

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