Krav Maga is a rigorous and intense self-defense system that creates strong bodies. When practicing Culver City Krav Maga, weakness is replaced with power. In order to achieve maximum results, it is important that you give your body the proper nourishment. Luckily, Culver City has a wide variety of healthy food options for the Krav Maga trainee.  

Culver City Krav Maga | Local Healthy Food Options

We’ve compiled a list of some of Culver City’s most delicious and healthy restaurants and grocery stores. The right nourishment leads to a strong body. Visit some of Culver City’s best healthy eating establishments and start your journey to better mental and physical health.

Markets and Grocery Stores

There’s no place easier to pursue a healthy lifestyle than West Los Angeles. With aisles of fresh produce and a plethora of organic options, the grocery stores and markets of Culver City are great resources for tracking down healthy food options. Culver City Krav Maga encourages a visit to these health-conscious establishments.

Sprouts Farmer’s Market

Located on Sepulveda Blvd, Sprouts Farmer’s Market is a wonderful option for the nutrition newbie or health enthusiast. This local grocery store creates the atmosphere of a farmer’s market, providing both everyday staples and unique specialty food items. Check out the in-store butcher for nitrate and hormone free steaks, chicken, and seafood, or explore the produce section for fresh fruit and vegetables.  Sprouts also offers a wide selection of vitamins and supplements, making it an ideal shopping experience for the health nut. Check out their website for more information.

Rainbow Acres Natural Foods

With a full service juice bar and a wide range of organic whole food products, Rainbow Acres provides a truly unique experience for the health food seeker. In addition to being a well-stocked health food grocery store, Rainbow Acres is dedicated to providing nutrition information for their customers, and always has one nutritionist available on-site to answer any questions. Getting hungry while you shop? Rainbow Acres offers gluten-free and vegetarian options in their deli, as well as delicious fruit smoothies to refresh the Culver City Krav Maga shopper. Find them online here.

Trader Joe’s Culver City

Trader Joe’s is a perfect grocery store for the health food junkie on a budget. The produce is always fresh and reasonably priced, making it easy to take home things like mangos, crunchy greens, and avocados without burning a hole through your wallet. Trader Joe’s also provides tasty health food specialty items, such as gluten-free three-cheese pizza, Omega trail mix, and baked lentil chips. See their specials here.


Dining out doesn’t need to ruin your diet. The following restaurants will satisfy your taste buds without expanding your waistline. Check them out for a fun and nutritious dining experience!

Native Foods Café

At Native Foods Café, you’ll enjoy a delicious meal that tickles the taste buds and nourishes the body.  Great for vegetarians and vegans, this restaurant offers a significant variety of healthy dishes, ranging from the Caribbean Jerk Kale Salad to a vegetarian Oklahoma Bacon Burger.  And get this: they prepare organic and healthy desserts, allowing diners to indulge without sabotaging their diets. Visit them at their website.

LYFE Kitchen

LYFE Kitchen believes in making healthy food taste amazing.

With talented chefs and simple but amazing dishes such as Art’s Unfried Chick’n and the Thai Curry Bowl, they have well achieved their goal. Carnivores and vegans alike can enjoy a meal at LYFE for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Culver City Krav Maga enthusiasts can visit their website and menu here. 

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