Black Belt Magazine - Darren LevineDarren Levine, Chief Instructor of Krav Maga Worldwide, will be on the cover of the April Issue of Black Belt Magazine. The issue will provide readers with an inside glimpse into Krav Maga from Darren Levine himself.

"His historical insights and training tips are sure to be appreciated by self-defense students everywhere." - Editor of Black Belt Magazine, Robert W. Young

Get yourself informed about the different families of attacks and self-defense principles for each family. "Analytically, if you’re not prepared to discern the difference between those families of attacks, you won’t come up with the best answers. It’s something Krav Maga has done brilliantly. It’s a thinking-man’s style of self defense. We have the fewest techniques that work against the most variations." - Darren Levine.

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