Black Belt MagazineKrav Maga Worldwide Chief Instructor Darren Levine in the May 2009 issue of Black Belt Magazine (part 2 of his exclusive interview).

"Our goal is to quickly end the threat and regain control by neutralizing the assailant before he's able to inflict injury. Krav maga is designed so operators can successfully perform defenses from diverse positions of disadvantage, from varying degrees of readiness and while under stress." - Darren Levine

What is the krav maga approach to self-defense?

"One of Imi's favorite sayings was, 'Krav maga doesn't have any rules except for one: Don't get hurt.'

People hear that and think it was just a glib statement, but it's deeper and more meaningful than that. It doesn't matter how strong your counterattack is if you haven't taken care of the primary danger. What he was saying is, if someone is choking you or trying to stab you, if you can't initially break the choke or stop the knife, you'll get hurt. You always have to think, eliminate the danger.

Some people think of danger on only one level, but there's also secondary and tertiary danger. Imi's message, to me, was to take care of the immediate danger, then take care of the person who's the source of it. If I can pick up something-maybe a chair, a purse, or a plate, anything-I'll use it. I don't want to make the fight fair. If someone attacks me, I'll use everything at my disposal to win. I didn't start the fight, but I'm going to finish it so I can go home to my children." - Darren Levine

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