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Krav Maga is one of the most effective self defense combat systems in the world because its defensive fighting techniques are designed specifically for modern, real-world applications. Unlike most martial arts, built on either point fighting or scenarios that may have been common centuries ago, Krav Maga is constantly evolving to match the dangers you may face today. One of the primary ways this evolution occurs is through the use of scenario replication or situational training.

The Psychology Of Defensive Fighting Techniques

As a part of your Krav Maga fight training, you will hear the phrase “cultivating a warrior spirit” often. This term refers to training your mind as much as your body, and scenario replication is a key part of the process. Simply changing environments or body postures, without situational scenarios, is not enough. In order for students to critically analyze danger in an environment and gain situational awareness, they must apply Krav Maga defensive fighting techniques and principles appropriately. Situational drills will prepare you to determine appropriate pre-contact behavior, techniques, tactics, and appropriate use of force.

Deconstruction Of A Scenario

Let’s take a look at a hypothetical scenario we would use to test your defensive fighting techniques:

After a late night at the office, you have made it back to your apartment building and stepped onto the elevator. As the door begins to close, it halts and reopens allowing another passenger to enter. Your reactions may be different if the new passenger is an older gentleman in his 60s versus a trio of rowdy, belligerent 20-year-olds angry their team lost the game. Your adrenal, technical, and tactical responses to each situation may be very different once you’ve assessed the possible threats in this scenario.

Construction Of A Scenario

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When developing a scenario to hone your defensive fighting techniques, first we look at common environmental concerns. Alleys, public parks, and bars all have significantly different tactical concerns. You’ll need to be aware of entry and exit points, angles of attack, and how objects from the environment may affect the fight. It’s also important to look at likely combatants. Drunk belligerents, angry ex-boyfriends, and hyped up gangbangers all present different threats and may employ different tactics. The idea is to make the training as real as possible, so that if confronted in real life, there is no freeze-up or confusion, only action.

Develop Life-Tested Defensive Fighting Techniques

To survive real-world threats, you need real-world training. At Krav Maga Worldwide, we believe that our self defense training is the best tactical training you can get. Protect yourself and your loved ones. Stop by a Krav Maga Worldwide location or affiliate today to learn more.

Today's tip is an extrapolation of an excerpt from Black Belt Krav Maga, co-authored by Darren Levine and Ryan Hoover. Available on Amazon now.

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