This is the fourth installment of our gun defense series. You can find the other installments here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. Take some time to familiarize yourself with them, as this entry will build on techniques discussed previously.

We’ve talked about several different Krav Maga gun disarm techniques. Let’s take a deep dive into the explosive movement used to control your attacker’s weapon, the mechanics of using the tactic successfully, and the psychology behind it. While much of Krav Maga is based on muscle memory and practiced moves, when dealing with a dynamic situation, you will want to use another skill we cultivate, the warrior mindset. In order to use it effectively, it helps to understand not just what and how, but also the why of a technique.

The Movement

As part of your Krav Maga gun disarm training, you will have been taught a technique along these lines:

Leading with your left foot, immediately burst forward, preferably pinning the gun against the assailant's body (at or near the stomach). Maintaining your weight on the weapon throughout, punch the assailant's face. It may be necessary to throw multiple punches, but you should keep your weight on the weapon and be prepared to continue moving forward in case the assailant is driven back as a result of the strikes.

The Breakdown

Your self defense training is all about trying to get you home safely. Here are the specifics about this Krav Maga gun disarm step that you need to understand to maximize your chance of success.

Keep it Fast

There’s a reason we use words like burst and explode. Your movement needs to go from 0 to 100 in just seconds. If you hesitate, start and stop, or telegraph your intent, you lose much of the surprise you’re counting on to survive.

Psychology Helps You

The natural human instinct when someone tries to take something that belongs to them is to grasp it closer. Your attacker is no different. When you go for the gun, his instinct will be to pull it away, drawing it back into his own body. You want to help him do that because it clears you from the line of fire and positions the weapon so that you can better control it.

Get Leverage Fast

Commonly described as “wrestling for the gun”, this is a bit of a misnomer. Initially, with a Krav Maga gun disarm, only your attacker is wrestling for the gun. By pressing it close to his body and putting your weight on it, to gain control he must overpower not just you, but gravity as well. You are not, at this point, trying to take the gun, only control it while you punch him repeatedly in the face. You may have to advance, retreat, or turn to maintain position, but it is important that you do not fall back into wrestling for the gun until it is the right time.

Watch for Your Opening

No one likes being punched in the face. It is a soft, easily damaged part of the body that, when hurt, affects our breathing, equilibrium, concentration, and consciousness. Whether you have nullified the threat by rendering the assailant unconscious, his grip on the gun loosens enough for disarmament, or assistance has arrived, stay aware of your tactical situation and be ready to act accordingly. The most important thing throughout this step is to maintain gun control.

Training For The Real World

Being ready to survive an armed attacker takes more than watching a Steven Seagal movie or reading a blog post.The first step to being prepared is training like it’s real. If you’re ready for real world Krav Maga gun disarm techniques for real world dangers, visit your local Krav Maga Worldwide location or affiliate today.

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