This is the fifth installment of our Krav Maga gun defense series. You can find the other installments here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4. Familiarizing yourself with these techniques would be a good idea as this entry will build on the previous foundation.

The ultimate goal of Krav Maga gun defense is to make sure you live through a dangerous tactical situation. If you can’t get away, your best chance of survival is to disarm your attacker and gain control of the firearm. In the last post, we covered how to control the weapon in your attacker’s possession. Now, let’s look at actually taking it away from him.

The Movement

While there will be some variation in previous Krav Maga gun defense techniques based on your attacker’s position as it related to you, the concepts and movements are largely similar at this point across techniques and may look something like this:

As you recoil your punch, keep your hand and arm close to your body. Reach under the handgun and grab the hammer and sight portion of the weapon. Break the assailant's grip on the weapon by rotating it sharply (about 90º). Pull the weapon back to your body. Do not move your feet until you have complete control of the weapon.

The Breakdown

Maintain Explosiveness

We left off our Krav Maga gun defense while punching the attacker in his face while using our other arm and body weight to control his gun, keeping it close to his body. Remember to not overthink; decide, then act. Drop your punching hand quickly to the weapon, gaining two-handed control and increasing your leverage. Remember that you will not be trying to wrestle for the gun. You will be taking it away. He has it, then you have it. Explosive.

Understand the Weapon

When you reach under to grab the weapon around the hammer and rear sight as part of your Krav Maga gun defense, you are doing so with a purpose. If the gun is a revolver or semi-automatic pistol with an exposed hammer, controlling the hammer controls whether it fires. Even with an internal hammer or firing pin, you can bind the cylinder or slide, preventing more than a single shot. This also turns the entire gun into a lever with the gunman’s trigger finger as the fulcrum.

Two Hands Are Better Than One

When you turn the gun sharply, you’ll do so with both hands, cranking the barrel towards the assailant’s body. If his finger catches in the trigger guard wrong, the gun may fire. That is a choice he made. Once the barrel is away from you, pull it back hard into your body. It is now your gun. Do not give it back.

Make Sure You Have Possession

We’ve all seen NFL receivers turn their head, choosing a running route as the ball gets to their hands, only to juggle the ball they thought they had right into the hands of the opposing team. The principle is the same with Krav Maga gun defense. Keep your feet set as a firm foundation and your eyes on the attacker and gun until you have possession. Only then should you get your distance.

Train For Survival

If you want to develop an effective Krav Maga gun defense, you have to train for real world tactical situations. Visit a Krav Maga Worldwide location or affiliate today to get the life-saving skills you need.

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