This is the sixth installment of our self defense against guns series. You can find the other installments here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5. We’ll continue to build on these previous posts.

As with the previous two posts, we’re going to drill down on one part of a Krav Maga technique for self defense against guns. In Part 3 we used a disarm that, rather than trapping your assailant’s gun against their body, you push it out wide to gain better control. Let’s take a look at why you would choose this method over others and how best to increase your chances for survival.

The Movement

The assailant presents the handgun at your centerline or close to your left side. In this case, it is at your chest, although it could be at your head or abdomen.You attack the weapon first with your right hand, pushing it wide, before cupping it behind the gun with your left hand.

The Breakdown

Position is Everything

The easiest way to protect yourself with a self defense technique against guns is to avoid being in front of the barrel. If the gun is pointing to your left, by attacking with your right, your body rotation pulls you out of the line of fire. In this position, you will want to keep his gun away from his body to minimize his leverage.

Be Explosive

Telegraphing your intent is a great way to get shot. When you determine the time is right, move fast. Right hand to the gun. Left hand to the gun. Wrench the gun around and away. This maximizes surprise and shock in your favor.

Use Your Leverage

When you cup your left hand around the back of the gun, you give yourself two-handed control and a tremendous amount of leverage. Use this leverage to crank the firearm around, most likely breaking a finger if he does not release it. As you turn it away from you, he may attempt to follow, stepping in closer to your body. This gives you the opportunity to use several trips or throws, but do not let go of the firearm.

Possession Before Distance

Maintain control of the gun all the way through this technique until you have firm possession of the firearm. Then and only then should you attempt to move away from the assailant. The purpose of any self defense technique against guns is to disarm the opponent, not wrestle with them. Trying to move before you have firm possession moves your body out of a position of greater control and power, increasing the danger to yourself and others.

Train To Protect Yourself

If you wait until a dangerous situation presents itself before considering your defense, it’s already too late. Enroll in the self defense training against guns you need to protect yourself and your loved ones at a Krav Maga Worldwide location or affiliate today.

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