If you read articles and watch the news enough, you’ve probably seen the public opinion on carbs fly one direction and then the other a hundred times. First they say carbs are terrible and you have to cut as many out as possible. Now they say carbs are absolutely necessary and we have to get plenty of them. As is usually the case with these matters, the truth lies somewhere in between: there are bad carbs and good carbs.

bad carbs and good carbsWhat Exactly Are Carbs?

Carbohydrates are an essential part of every diet—you need them to stay alive. But that doesn’t mean all carbs are good for you. Carbs are the basic units of energy your body uses as fuel to keep you going. As you’re crafting a healthy, active Krav Maga lifestyle, it’s important to get the facts straight about bad carbs and good carbs.

Small Substitutions

When it comes to carbohydrates, you want to look for more complex, balanced ones rather than simple ones. Simple carbs are more common in processed foods. The more processing it takes to make the food, the simpler and more damaging the carbs. Complex, healthy carbs are found in more natural foods like vegetables and whole grains.

One easy way to draw the line between bad carbs and good carbs is this: a sandwich with white bread versus one with 100% whole wheat. That one substitution can make your meal far more healthy, energizing, and delicious.

What About the Fad Diets?

Bread with measuring tapeOver the years, there have been a few fad diets that have prescribed eating just a certain number of carbs, whether they’re good or bad. People have lost weight by following these diets, but the downside is that they have often gained the weight back quickly. The issue with treating carbs as a simple number is that it doesn’t account for all the complexity of each food, and the importance of a balanced diet. Saying all carbs are the same is essentially like saying all people are the same! The truth is that each food contains a complex package of materials—not simply a number of carbs.

The plan that has stood the test of time is seeking a balanced diet along with healthy exercise. Krav Maga is a terrific start to the exercise element. For the diet part, drawing a sharp line between bad carbs and good carbs is a great way to plan your meals.

The important thing is to cut refined and processed foods out of your diet and replace them with raw and whole foods. You’ll be able to feel the extra energy during your workouts.

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