In a world filled with bullying and societal pressures, we need our girls to grow up knowing that they are smart, strong, and empowered. No matter what goals they aspire to achieve, our young women need to know that if they work hard, they can reach for the stars. If you want your daughter to feel comfortable in her own skin and be a part of a community, think about enrolling her in Krav Maga Worldwide’s self defense lessons. No matter her age or skill level, there is a place for her in our community—and self defense for girls could be the best thing you ever opened her eyes to.


What is Krav Maga?

Krav Maga is a real world self defense system that was originally designed for the Israeli Defense Forces, but has since gone global. The Krav Maga self defense system is still being used on the battlefield and is now the preferred system for the U.S. military and law enforcement agencies. It has also been reworked to benefit ordinary people. No matter your skill level when starting out, Krav Maga Worldwide self defense lessons will teach you to keep yourself safe and work through the shock of unexpected situations.

You Can Start Young

If you’re worried that taking lessons in self defense for girls is off the table for you daughter due to her young age, don’t be. It’s never too early to plant the seed of confidence. At Krav Maga Worldwide, we offer a special program focused on our youths, called km-X Kids Self-Defense. In our youth program we offer a variety of levels—that way each child gets the attention they need, no matter their skill level—for children between the ages 5–13.  Unlike traditional martial arts, we focus on function rather than form, and our teachings revolve around functional, effective self-defense—all the while maintaining an upbeat, encouraging environment.Young-Girl-smile-straight-punch-copy-230x300

Preparing For the Teenage Years

Every parent pictures their child as just that—a child. Even as your daughter grows into a young woman, you want to make sure that she can weed out the bad seeds, know when to say no to societal pressures, and know how to defend herself if she ever ends up in a potentially dangerous situation.

By taking lessons in self defense for girls, your daughter will grow up knowing what treatment she deserves, how to steer clear of bad situations, and how to fight back against those who would harm her.

Make the Call

Your peace of mind is a benefit in itself, but just imagine how your daughter will grow, thanks to self defense for girls. Not only will she be able to feel good about her body, learn self-discipline, and gain self-esteem, but she will be happy to see you cheering her on the entire way.

For more information on our youth program and how self-defense for girls will benefit your daughter’s life, call 800-KRAV-MAGA today!

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