Many organizations push to raise awareness for Sexual Assault Awareness month. Krav Maga Worldwide wants to teach women to raise their fists through a series of Women’s Empowerment Seminars to inspire confidence and overcome insecurities or trauma.

“A lot of people often feel that if they do something [to fight back], it might make matters worse, so they may not respond when it is necessary,” says Kelly Campbell, a third-degree black belt instructor leading seminars in the Valley and West L.A. “We want them to feel empowered to fight back.”

“We teach punches, kicks, knees, and elbows. We want to demonstrate how to defend yourself against an attacker,” she says. “But most importantly, we try to develop the mindset that makes them feel empowered to use these skills that we teach them, should a scenario come up.”

Participants won’t just be throwing their punches in the air, said Campbell, but “able to put themselves in a realistic scenario and then fight their way out of it by having physical contact with the ‘suited assailants’ [a.k.a. men wearing safety pads].”

Campbell argues that while having those physical skills is important, having a solid mindset is the key to feeling empowered: “We work on body language, proper posture, and understanding that it’s OK to fight back — it’s OK to use your voice.”

— Griffin Baumberger

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