What is the "Fit For Fall Challenge 2022"?

It’s an 8 week challenge that’ll keep you motivated, level up your knowledge about nutrition and training, push you in your skill-building, and provide a little friendly competition.

You’ll earn points by attending classes, workshops, and fitness tests. You’ll also be invited to a private social media group where ideas, tips, recipes, and experiences will be shared to help all participants do their best.

The FIT FOR FALL CHALLENGE 2002 is the going to be a fun and challenging way to get more out of your training and push toward new goals. 

Set a goal. Jump in. Train hard. Have fun!

Check out the official rules and the timeline at the link below. 

If you have any questions email our Program Coordinator, Tina Angelotti – [email protected]

Eligibility to Participate: Only currently active (i.e., not on “freeze”) KMW HQ members in good standing and current KMW employees are eligible to participate.

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