What’s important in your life? Is it family, friends, work, school or faith? Really, it’s all of the above, and we try to fit them all in that our lives become so busy with too many have-tos and we end up feeling like there’s no room for anything else in our schedules.

But what about safety? Is it important? Of course it is. And when it comes right down to it, keeping yourself and your family safe trumps most of the other things we put priority in. This is one reason to consider a Krav Maga class. Kids, teens, men, women and even grandparents can benefit from learning to protect and defend themselves.

What’s different about Krav Maga?

A Krav Maga class teaches self-defense by emphasizing threat neutralization, simultaneous defensive and offensive maneuvers and aggression. Krav Maga does not teach students to go out there and pummel everybody whenever they feel like it. No, it offers a disciplined approach that trains you to notice your surroundings, fight back when necessary and keep your head on your shoulders when you do so.

What kinds of classes are there?

The best way to know what goes on in a Krav Maga class is to attend one. Contact one of our locations to find out how you can attend one class for free and see how beneficial learning to defend yourself is.

We offer Krav Maga classes for all ages and levels. There is a progression of training which leads you through the various belt levels, starting from the beginner’s yellow belt (KM Level 1) up through to black belt level. We provide classes for men, women and youth that focus on self-defense, fighting, fitness and police or military applications.

More than 5,000 law enforcement and military personnel from more than 800 government agencies and military units throughout the United States have been trained in the Krav Maga method. Our goal is to provide people with the skills and mindset that will strengthen and protect their lives.


In a Krav Maga class, you will be paired with other students for drills and sparring to prepare yourself for stand-up and groundfighting situations that you could potentially face in real life. Experienced professionals with years of training will lead you through Intro Fighting, KM Fighting, Boxing, Kickboxing, Ground Fighting and MMA. You will be trained to develop your skills in all areas of the fight, including attacks, defenses, timing, feints, tactics, movements and vision.

The Krav Maga difference

One big difference between attending a Krav Maga class and other schools of self-defense is Krav Maga will teach you how to defend yourself on the streets, not just gain points for fighting in an arena. The whole purpose is to be safe, and if you are being attacked, you must know how to attack and disable your enemy. Hand-to-hand combat skills are what you need to survive a vicious assault. Learn the down and dirty techniques to effectively win on the streets.

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