Are you interested in getting fit, but have yet to find a method that truly works for you? All too often we encounter people who want to exercise, but haven’t found a method that works for them. As a result, we have found they are the most likely to quit exercising altogether, which is why it is important to find a method that works for you. Infusing fitness and self defense training could be the method you have been looking for.

An Incredible Workout

fitness and self defense training

Great workouts are not all the same. For some, a great workout is a vigorous cardio routine and for others it’s a less intense workout like yoga. It truly comes down to what works best for your body and helps you achieve your fitness goals. If you’ve been searching for a new method you’ll want to stick to, we suggest infusing fitness and self defense. Great for toning every part of your body, mixing self defense into a regular fitness routine can provide incredible results. Here’s how some of the fundamentals of self defense can provide you with an incredible workout:

The Arms

Punching, striking, jabs and more all make for great methods to sculpt those arms. While we all know that pushups, pullups, and weight training do wonders to help create your dream biceps, sometimes it is the infusion of something a little different that helps you really see some serious results. Fitness and self defense training combine to help deliver that added boost to give you some serious results.

The Core

Infusing self defense training into your fitness routine can provide you with great results for your waistline and core. Almost all self defense moves force you to use multiple parts of your body, which often results in better shaping of your entire body, including a stronger core. Since the core is so fundamental to delivering all moves with accuracy and power, it is key to make sure you are continually in the process of building it up.

The Legs

Knee Strike

In addition to the shaping self defense training has on your upper body, it provides great results for the legs as well. Kicking, knee strikes, and other basic moves rely on the use of the legs. Over time the consistent drills result in strengthening and added definition to the leg muscles. No longer do you need to solely rely on cardio. You can certainly infuse fitness and self defense training to build up your leg muscles and obtain the sculpted effect you have been looking for.

Your Mind and Self Esteem

Have you ever had a great workout and directly following it you felt a boost of positive energy radiating throughout your entire body? If you answered yes to that question then you should definitely consider fitness and self defense training. The combination of the two provides a powerful workout that will boost those endorphins, which is what delivers the positive feelings following a workout.

If you have been looking for a way to bring your basic workouts to the next level, consider fitness and self defense training, like a Krav Maga class. Check out our website for more details on Krav Maga classes and find your new workout routine today.


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