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    Hi everyone. Been awhile since I've posted.
    I was recently turned on to and thought I'd share it here with all our brothers/sisters in the Krav Maga community.
    I have ordered and was really impressed with the quality of the shirt I bought.

    Anyway, just thought I'd share.

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    Thanks for the sharing, looks nice.

    Thought I might participate and share a new blog which is getting started. Looks promising.

    Maybe we can share all our favourite krav maga websites :) .


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      Awesome site. Just bought 2 shirts!


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        Gutcha just checked out your site. I'm digging it!!!

        You should talk to the owner of
        I heard he is trained out of Israel and brings real world experience to the table. I know a married couple that trained with him at one of his seminars and they say it was the most intense experience they've had. Anyway I thought you might want to reach out to that website and maybe you guys can help each other promote your websites.

        KravAndy - Thats cool. I got 2 shirts (the Israeli 48 and the Jack Daniels looking one) and a beanie. I wear the crap out of those 2 shirts. They're soft and in the short time I've owned them I've had a few people approach me about Krav Maga. LOL!
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