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  • Trying to find the right school

    i have been doing research about Krav Maga and really think it is something I would love to strat studying. I took a class the other night at a local karate school and really enjoyed it. I get the feeling that this is not a really good Km school, its a karate school that offer KM. There other schools in the area but not many. One is affiliated with Krav Maga alliance, but again it is a karate school that offers KM. Is there something specific I should be looking for or questions I should be asking. Any advice would be helpful. I also thought about doing BJJ and training once a week in KM. Is this a good way to go about learning.

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    Legitimacy (e.g. lineage, certifications, etc) of a school or instructor should be clear and easily checked/verified.

    BJJ & Krav is a pretty good blend.


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      Talking with the lead instructor is a good place to start. Ask about his/her background and where they were certified. I am not familiar with the KM Alliance. I know that KM Worldwide is held in high regard and their instructors have to pass rigorous tests. Beyond that, give them a try for a few classes and see how you feel about the quality of instruction and the general attitude in the class. Some information might be available on Yelp and Google reviews too.