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    I know many forum members are military and police, and I thought you all might have interest in this information. For me, Chattanooga is my hometown, my husband is a retired marine, and I just want to do something. Please share this information if possible. I am also trying to create a pick-up point for cards in San Antonio so if you live in the area all you have to do is drop them off and they will be mailed for you in bulk…I will provide an update about this once I receive the go-ahead.

    The Marine Battery of the four Marines killed in Chattanooga last week has set up a POC for anyone that would like to send cards of support and gratitude to the families of the four Marines, PO2 Randall Smith, and the injured Chattanooga police officer. They will be sorted and delivered directly to each family. They are also accepting donations on the families’ behalves.

    CPD Sgt Danny Jones…a Mike Battery veteran and Public Information Officer with the Chattanooga Police Department has personally been in contact with all families and has offered to distribute any cards or notes you would like to send.

    Chattanooga Police Department
    C/O Sgt Danny Jones
    3410 Amnicola Highway
    Chattanooga, TN 37406

    Please write on the back of the envelope “Marines” or “USMC” and he will distribute them evenly.

    If you would like to send a card or note to a specific family, note the name on the back of the envelope:

    Gunnery Sergeant (GySgt) Thomas J Sullivan
    Staff Sergeant (SSgt) David A Wyatt
    Sergeant (Sgt) Carson A Holmquist
    Lance Corporal (LCpl) Squire “Skip” K Wells

    If you would like to send a note to the family of our fallen Sailor:
    Petty Officer 2nd Class (PO2) Randall Smith

    For the injured Chattanooga Police Dept Officer, address the envelope to:
    Dennis Pedigo, CPD

    I can vouch that this is a reputable page…a good friend of mine is a Marine in the area and pointed me in their direction. The name of the FB page is Mike Battery 3/14 Honor for Heroes if you want to check it out first.

    Thank you to many of you for your service. I’m sorry we so often forget to tell you until something like this happens.


    Re: A Simple Way to Support our Fallen Heroes in Tennessee

    Screen capture of actual FB page:



    Re: A Simple Way to Support our Fallen Heroes in Tennessee

    Something else you can do: realize that ALL of the Marine Corps is hurting right now, so take a six pack or case to the VFW, or voice your thanks and condolences to your local Marine Corps recruiter. Just because we aren’t a legal “blood” relative, doesn’t mean we aren’t all brothers and sisters or that this doesn’t affect us as much. While you’re at it, don’t forget to do the same to the other 4 services (Coast Guard included).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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