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    As on offshoot of the pocket knife discussion that we kind of hijacked, I would like to continue this discussion here.

    I have put the last two posts from the pocket knife topic here to get the discussion started.



    In addition to knifes, there are many small weapons that you can carry. For those thinking of alternatives check out some of the tactical level flashlights on the market. I personally carry a Surefire 6P Defender. I really like it because it is small and will fit in my front pocket. It has an extremely bright light that if needed can temporarily blind your attacker and its size lends itself to be incorporated into a lot of Krav strikes/techniques.

    You can also get it with the strike bezel (of course if you are reading this forum you want this )

    Just an additional/alternate small tool that you may be interested in.





    If talking about alternative WEAPONS to carry, (as opposed to tools), I have to metnion the comtech stinger. I feel confident that I do not need it, but a force multiplier that can turn a jab into a rib-breaker is never a bad thing. Sorry for the threadjack.


    I have a comtech stinger. As someone that trains throwing more punches than hammerfists, it makes more sense than a kubaton (its also smaller). I also have a small fry stun gun strapped to the bottom of my steering column. Occasionally I walk with my Cold Steel walking stick (usually when I mess up my ankle/foot sparring).


    Thanks for starting the new thread!

    Like i said, I do have the comtech stinger, and am a believer in it. I also have a SUrefire 6PD (with the strike bezel) and carry it in the city. I replaced the bulb (the p60) with a Cree-LED based drop-in from Malkoff devices that well over doubles the output AND the runtime.
    I liek the combination of the SUrefire in the left with the stinger in the right should I feel a situation going downhill. THat, along with my Krav and other MA training, and I feel confident in most situations.


    Uber cool thread… wish it existed a few days ago. Had to buy a b-day present for my brother in law who is heading back to Iraq.

    Would love to hear about tactical items too… not just weapons. The Surefire link is awesome. Pair that up with the karambit knife and you could easily approach $1000 in coolio stuff. At that price, I’d be safe because I’d be too broke to go anywhere.


    Just ordered a travel wrench…Although its doesnt have the advantage of being a flashlight also it is only $10.


    I have been doing a lot of longboarding (skateboard) and so I have an excuse to carry one in case of any encounters with LE.

    Legality debates notwithstanding, I would rather not have to deal with arguing about a stinger or anything else that is obviously a ‘knuckle’ type weapon.


    I carry OC spray, though not as religiously as a blade (or firearm for that matter) … There’s a lot of discussion on other forums about the fact that it’s not effective on \”everyone\” but I believe it will give you an advantage by buying a few seconds (minimally) to start kickin’ a$$, turnin’ tail or accessing a higher level weapon.


    ETA – I also own a kuboton … Don’t have that with me as often as I should. Nice little option. 😈

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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