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    I’m a Krav Maga newbie and I’ve been researching Krav Maga for quite some time now. I saw a guy named Nir Maman who also studied Jeet Kune do and Tae Kwon Do along with teaching Krav Maga and I’ve been blown away with Krav Maga ever since. I went into a facility in New Jersey and met a guy named Sam Sade in December and left feeling way confused and genuinely hesitant towards which Association to get started with now.

    I’m not sure if it was a general class or seminar he was teaching while I was watching, but the entire time he kept yelling at people saying “That’s a bunch of Krav Maga Worldwide Bull****”. I mean he literally yelled that at people the entire time.

    Not trying to start a political Krav Maga war or anything, but as far as I could see. he used to be part of Krav Maga World Wide—-Is this correct? And if so, is it common that Krav Maga Organizations talk badly of one another???

    Does anyone have the ability to give me some direction on who to train under and if I have to be worried about being taught “KMBS”???


    Re: Alpha Krav Maga is better than KMWW???

    Sam Sade was part of KMWW back in the day.

    I’m an Alpha Krav Maga school owner and have been training under Mr. Sade for about 3 years. I can’t speak on Mr. Sade’s behalf, but I can say that he is a very emotional Instructor. He is one of the best Instructors that I have trained with.

    As far as which is better, Alpha or KMWW, I would say Alpha.


    Re: Alpha Krav Maga is better than KMWW???

    Yep, Sam Sade was indeed part of KMWW. I took his level 2 classes several years ago in West LA. My recollection was that he was highly knowledgable and had high standards (don’t half-ass in his class). You can’t go wrong with either Alpha or KMWW…it comes down to the school and the instructors you learn from. KMWW has high standards for quality control, and I would think Alpha Krav Maga does too. Bas Rutten hosted a Alpha KM seminar by Sam Sade a few years ago at his gym.


    Re: Alpha Krav Maga is better than KMWW???

    I get the whole emotional (aka passionate) side of instructors. I also have learned to be very leery of anyone who bashes other people out of nowhere. He (Sam Sade) touted about his MMA stuff etc, and how he trained under Bas, but the only thing I found on his MMA record was when he got knocked out after one minute while looking like a fish out of water when on the ground. Not trying to be a jerk btw. Also, the ground stuff he showed was straight up jiu jitsu (and/or Bas’ ground stuff) which I think is great for the ring but to be honest I don’t think I would teach jiu jitsu (or pancreas) to counter ground fighters on the street. Krav Maga (from what I’ve seen and researched) has every bit of an opportunity to be counter intuitive by maybe adapting to the principles but adding eye gouging, percussive striking, etc so it didn’t merely try to compete with a ground fighter with the same ground fighting methodology jiu jitsu players and wrestlers (etc) are already used to fighting with.

    Anyway…I looked at a World Wide location again. Far more structured, far better in teaching ability, and without of the political BS. I even asked them what they thought of all of the other methods (IKMF, KMG, Alpha KM, Rhon Mizarachi) and their response was “EVERY form of Krav Maga and Instructor from KM have something different to offer, but every student should be concerned with who they are training under. Especially if they have to bash others to lift themselves up. You can figure out who ‘those’ Instructors are on your own”.

    They actually spoke VERY highly of the guy who runs KM United. THAT dude looks freakin amazing on his speed and aggression AND technique. I wish I was in Cali more, but I’ll definitely be visiting his place while in Cali along with the World wide location.

    If you guys have any other suggestions, I’d appreciate them. Thanks for your time guys.


    Re: Alpha Krav Maga is better than KMWW???

    I totally agree that “bashing” other systems is always a bad look.The reason why someone does it varies.

    While stating that I think Alpha is better than KMWW in no way speaks negatively about KMWW. Mr. Levine is one of the driving forces in bringing Krav to the US.

    I’ve trained with Instructors from KMWW, Alpha and Premier Martial Arts and can say great things about all of them!


    Re: Alpha Krav Maga is better than KMWW???

    Someone told me on this forum years ago: Train with the instructors you like, forget the rest. I hold this true. I’ve had a wide range of instruction from all kinds of instructors. Talk to the students. Try out a class. It’s your dollar. Make sure it’s a good fit for YOU.


    Re: Alpha Krav Maga is better than KMWW???

    Curious if anyone else has had a similar experience with Alpha Krav Maga, or was this a one-off anomaly?


    Re: Alpha Krav Maga is better than KMWW???

    The only times I’ve ever met/trained with Sam he’s been very complimentary of various instructors from different organizations.


    I’ve seen and heard Mr. Sade bad mouths KMWW many times. He is claiming to everyone that he is the original people who brought Krav Maga in the States. He also claims that his school is in Encino, California which is actually not a school but is his apartment. He also claims he has over 25 schools around the US which is not true. I used to be so impressed with him before as a student, but I lost my respect when he just continued to say bad things about other people especially those where he started from.


    Which organization is better? Who said what? Why would they say that? Is that exactly what was said?

    Who and what association is better is always a matter of opinion. Of course there are always two sides to a story or opinion.

    Lets just take a look at a couple of things here to help better form an opinion.

    First, if your going to post an opinion, don’t hide behind a coded profile. Identify yourself as to who you are so that when you say something, don’t be afraid to substantiate or back up your statements.
    (Question mark, KMliker)

    Second, do not talk of things that you do not have all of the facts that pertain to it.

    Third, go back and read the terms of the forum which pertain to disparaging remarks towards others. Sam is a very public guy, you can contact him through various means, and if you have something to say to him, ask him about something he said or question something he does, ASK HIM.

    So lets clear up a few things here.

    I am Bert Witte, and Alpha Krav Maga affiliate school owner, founding member of Alpha Krav Maga International and current board member. I am also a Krav Maga Worldwide former affiliate and received my Krav Maga Black belt in 2005. I started my Krav Maga training in 2000 with Krav Maga Worldwide and have trained with many of the past KMWW instructors who know have their own Krav Maga associations, affiliations and are some of the major players in Krav Maga in the United States today. Some of these people were in my training evolution for affiliates that progressed thru the ranks at the same time I did.

    I have personally and professionally know Sam Sade for over 16 years and count him as one of my closest friends. This relationship with him may look as if I am biased, but i know more about him than you will know from taking a seminar with him.

    Does he have an opinion about KMWW, sure, but lets ask the other top instructors who left KMWW why they left. It may be personal, professional or what have you, but they have an opinion too. Bottom line is their opinion is theirs just the same as yours is.

    Sam has and always has been a professional instructor/coach. His training methods and insistence of high quality training was the hallmark of KMWW when he was the lead, chief and head instructor for 12 years at KMWW. Any wonder why most of the school owners who teach KM across the country were trained by Sam? So if he sees a technique that is being trained or drilled by someone at a seminar who is doing it incorrectly or doesn’t understand why a technique should be improved upon and amended would make him comment as to the origin of the technique and why it should be changed? Or at least considered to be changed?

    As for his MMA fight on YouTube with which he lost, OK he lost, hes not Superman. Many of the best fighters in the world have lost fights. But in Sam’s case, he has had countless sporting fights that are not publicly broadcast that he has won. From Muay Thai fights and BJJ tournaments. Understand this as a martial artist, there is always going to be someone out there that may be better than you. We are all human. Humility as a martial artist is the hallmark of a true martial artist.

    Sam does not own schools. He has 28 affiliated schools nationwide which teach the Alpha Krav Maga curriculum. Is it the best?; again subject to interpretation and experience in Krav Maga. His past address yes was where he lived so it was his corporate address and where he converted his garage to a studio where he could continue to train to hone his craft and train privately. Many of these private students were Krav Maga students and Krav Maga school owners.

    Sam does and continues to credit KMWW with bringing him here to the United States to teach Krav Maga. He is grateful for his friendship with Darren and continues his friendship with him.

    the last thing i would say is contact Sam with whatever you may have question about. He is easy to find on Facebook to message or call. Alphakravmagainternational.com has his contact information, info@alphakmi.com is his email. Come to Chicago where he now lives to come and train with him and us, attend another of his seminars which he conducts regularly, ask people who know him what they think of him.

    So, which is better was the original question before this thread turned into a character assessment. Less filling or tastes great. Thats up to you to decide after you have done both or other training.

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