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    After taking a couple of the Women’s Only Seminars, I decided I couldn’t just do this once a year and finally signed up to take classes at our local Krav Center in San Antonio, so I’ve been in classes since Dec 1st. So much to learn, but so much fun! How long does it take, on average, for someone to be ready for their first belt test? Seems like I’ll never get there since I just started, but I’m pretty tenacious and welcome everything I can learn along the way!



    Re: Another Newbie here…

    Welcome girl!!:wav:

    I’m proud to say I”M THE ONE who started her on this. I kept sending her emails every time the seminars came up. I think she finally got tired of me and gave inrofl2

    Everyone’s different and it’s all in how much you train. Hubby and I will be happy to help beat ya up if you do the same for us:chair::D:


    Re: Another Newbie here…

    I’ve got you to thank for getting me into it alright! thumbsup
    Always wanted to get into something like it but either never had the time or the $. The stars finally lined up just right though and I decided to just MAKE the time, so here I am! lol And of course, I’ll be more than happy to trade bruises with you guys! :box2:

    Thanks for the welcome here too!:wav:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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