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    quote \”mike_g\:

    What Quad was 4/87 in? I definately remember 4/87 but can’t remember the Quad or mascot….was that the gimlets or the we conquer mountains?

    They have spilt the 25th up now. Part of it is at Schofield and part at Ft. Lewis(when not in Iraq or Afghanistan). A lot of the units are now deactivated.

    Ours was the mountains… snowy mountains with the climbing gear making an x. Always seemed out of place considering the tropic lightning patch and our theater of operations. Maybe it has some historical significance… it never bothered me enough to find out.

    We were in D quad, notorious for having the worst dining facility but just a stones throw from the paradise club… 😆

    Not sure which would be better.. ft lewis or schofield. Waikiki was a fun place to party, but ft lewis is stateside. The downside to being stationed on hawaiii was it was so expensive to go anywhere. They only allowed one soldier from our unit to attend ranger school because of the military budget cuts under clinton… and for that you had to have already re-upped. Luckily we had our own Air Assault school. They tried to make it difficult, you could really see some of the officers and non-combat people struggling.

    Can’t complain too much about travel tho, I got to see australia, egypt (cairo), sinai, and israel while in. Doesn’t hurt to be stationed in hawaii either… but people really don’t appreciate how difficult the terrain can be. We practically lived in the Kahukus. 😯

Viewing 46 post (of 46 total)
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