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    BTW – Love the story about the nurse! 😈



    quote \”kravjeff\:

    Incidentally, it’s well documented that a single shot, especially from a handgun is frequently not enough to stop a person unless you’re accurate (and lucky) enough to hit a major organ – Sometimes not even then. .

    That is another reason why gun retention techniques are important. You may be shooting, but the bad guy continues to come forward and is still strong enough to struggle for the gun.

    I’ve also heard some people say that if an attacker had a knife and the defender a gun, and the attacker was up to 20 feet away, the knifeman would likely still win the fight, because the bullets might not stop him, he’d be able to close the distance and use his knife to kill the gunman.

    If that is so, he could also get this close to struggle for the weapon, in other words, run across the average-sized room to get to the defender. So, gun retention could be important then.



    Good points, and one more…..A KNIFE NEVER RUNS OUT OF AMMO!


    Gun retention has to be taught. ie. you are threatened with a hand gun, you dissarm the assailant, now you have the gun. Surely you should know how to retain it ??


    Unfortunately I moved shortly passing to level-3 and eventually had to stop Krav training. So I never received a lot of weapons self defense. I did, however, attend a couple seminars at my old Krav school on gun self defense. I definitely haven’t gained enough knowledge and experience to talk intelligently on the subject. But, these are my thoughts:

    If I had executed the Krav gun defense correctly and strike the assailant aggressively, I think he would be pretty dazed, if not knocked out, and in a lot of pain with a broken trigger finger. If after I had control of the gun and was able to distance myself some, the assailant came at me and I was able to shoot him and he kept coming at me, I’m not sure gun retention would help me much at that point. I think at that time I would throw the gun away as far as I could and run like hell in the opposite direction. I think that would leave the assailant one of three possible choices: Go for the gun, in which case I would probalby be at a safe range and hidden enough not to get shot; Chase after me, if he caught me hopefully I would still be able to defend my self: or he could run away himself.

    These are just my inexperience thoughts so please don’t construe them as a pro or con on gun retention. In fact, If I were still training in Krav and a gun retention class was offered, I would attend – no doubt.


    I’m small and light (105 pounds), so I might very well run into an attacker twice my size (210 pounds) or even bigger. If I have to defend, my punch may not knock him out or hurt him enough to get away quickly. It could, but worst case scenario it may not. So, maybe I hit him, stun him for a moment, get the weapon, but he is quick enough to get a hand on it (he will be fighting for his life, too, he doesn’t know if I will shoot him with the gun once I got it, so he will try to get it back).

    Another thing that could happen is that you are able to make some distance, but the gun jams, or you might need to rechamber it before it is ready to fire again, so maybe he charges you as you are rechambering the gun and before you are able to fire he is on top of you, grabbing it.



    And that is why you would have to go all Lara Croft! 😉

    Anything can happen in any situation. You do what you are trained to do and really hope for the best. In the case of a jammed gun, it is still good to bash them in the head with, if they are coming after you. And know that if they get it, it will still be jammed and they won’t have the speed to un-jam if you don’t focus on the gun, and just focus on getting them plummeted.

Viewing 7 posts - 46 through 52 (of 52 total)
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