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    Hi there, my first post here.

    I’m really interested in Krav Maga(IKMF school in my town) and I would also like to choose a second art to train. I’m torn between BJJ and boxing. I know Krav Maga already incorporate a lot of striking. So my question is: do you feel like your Krav Maga striking is as good as any other striking art( boxing, muay thai) if practiced a enought? Also do you think adding some BJJ would be a waste of time considering you technically shouldn’t go on the ground in a street fight.

    Thanks for your help


    Hey there Brandx…

    I love that you put Muay Thai into the options, because I train Krav and Muay Thai.. Here is what I’ve found to be true for me..

    Krav is not an ART.

    BJJ, Boxing (especially), Muay Thai, Wing Chun, etc are all art forms. They are steeped in ancient history and tradition and they have rules. In our school, Krav has only 1 rule.. “Don’t Die”

    With that said, both BJJ and Muay Thai has been wonderfully helpful to me in my Krav training and real world fighting, however you have to remember again that they have rules. The key with adding any other training to your Krav curriculum or to your personal arsenal is that you have to remove the rules when you get into the street. This is easy with Muay Thai and with BJJ, but I found with boxing it’s a bit more difficult.

    Don’t get me wrong though, every discipline that you pick up will help you in the long run, even if you only gleem 1 thing from them.. When you need it, it’s in your arsenal.

    Muay Thai has had the highest impact on my Krav. It incorporates a great deal of strikes, dodges, and especially kicks. I only use the Muay Thai kicks now, and in Krav my fellow students are always amazed at the power you can generate through a body shield with a proper kick, aimed accurately over and over and over.

    Hope that helps.

    quote brandx:

    Also do you think adding some BJJ would be a waste of time considering you technically shouldn’t go on the ground in a street fight.

    By that logic, it could be argued that Krav would be a waste of time because you’re not supposed to get mugged or be assaulted for no reason either… 😉

    I recommend getting as much (good) training in as many different things as possible – that being said, you have to watch out for Hick’s Law and if you have tools that are supposed to be sharp, you need to make sure they Are sharp and they Stay sharp!

    I think Krav is a great beginning but typically what I say is if you want to learn boxing, go to a boxing gym; kick boxing/muay thai, a kick boxing/muay thai gym; grappling, a grappling gym; MMA, an MMA gym; etc. All else being equal, I would not want to learn anything other than Krav from an instructor who has only trained Krav. Now, that being said, many KMWW instructors like CJ’s Dad crosstrain in other arts/styles and can give you excellent instruction in other things too.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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