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    In another thread the subject of guns and dogs came up. I have a dog, and when she dies I’ll consider getting another one. I’ve heard that burglars and petty criminals won’t tangle with a dog, no matter how small.

    The disadvantage of a dog is that a truly hard-core baddie doesn’t care and will shoot it. And of course you can’t take a dog everywhere.

    The disadvantages of a gun are that you’d be liable and could go to jail in some circumstances, the gun could be stolen and used in a crime, it could be snatched away from you and used on you, and it takes a lot of time to train yourself to use it. Not to mention, guns don’t lick your face!

    So I’m voting dog. Anyone else have an opinion on this?


    I love my little pitbull and he will tear an intruder to pieces and he will also let my daughter dress him up in sequen dresses. He protects his house and family. But I have my S&W 40 if somebody decides the dog is not enough of a deturant. Since the gun is locked up I also have the ace up my sleeve (Krav Maga). I vote for all three Dog, Gun and then Krav.


    Why a Gun

    I prefer a gun over a dog since I am not home all the time to care for it as well as spend time with it.. Another thing I have to worry about is the dog’s health/hygiene, bowel movements (hate to wake up in the middle of the night for this), which requires training, and food expenses. As previously stated, I can’t bring a dog with me anywhere. As for being sued for using a gun on someone, you can also be sued as well as thrown in jail for allowing your dog to attack someone. Another thing is that the dog can turn on you if not properly trained. Same with a gun in the hands of the opponent if you allow him/her to get close enough to grab it. A stolen gun I can replace. But a dog’s life I cannot (I also have no qualms about shooting a dog if I can’t avoid it, remember in my previous posts about getting attacked by a pit bull and almost shooting it). For a gun, I have to worry about where to carry, existing laws, storing it when unattended, careful/competent handling, shooting proficiency periodic maintenance, as well as other expenses (ammo/range use/courses/etc.). But don’t get me wrong. Dogs offer companionship, trust, loyalty as well as provide warning of an intruder and can be your first line of defense before relying on a firearm..[/b]


    Most intruders will not enter if they hear a dog barking, too much noise and will bring others or the owner will wake up. Dogs are alot of trouble to keep – so maybe get a recording of dog barking and have it hooked up to go off if door is jimmied or opened by someone. Then have a glock under the pillow and know self defense/Krav Maga.


    I think Homer came up with the best self defense animal. Gun vs. dog argument is moot.

    \”Or what? You’ll release the dogs? Or the bees? Or the dogs with bees in their mouth and when they bark they shoot bees at you?\”

    When in doubt, refer to the classics.


    I will comment again here….I am all for bearing arms for personal protection. I have not always been.. In the beginning when my husband started talking about guns and all, I didnt like it when he got the first one. He talked a long time trying to talk me into taking the class to carry concealed. I didnt think I needed it and I didnt want to worry about forgetting it somewhere since I have children. But I can say now that I dont like to go anywhere unprotected now. Dogs are fine for home protection and walking in your neighborhood. But what about when you walk from your car to your house or through the friendly store parking lot (that is really not so friendly the first time something happens.) What about the woman who was taken along with her 11 month old out of the cvs parking lot in broad day light and found dead later (her son was found in a different location alive). The dog is no good at home then. If someone didnt want your money, but wanted to take you to another location and they succeeded, perhaps in their trunk as you said in the other thread….wouldnt it be a little comfort in knowing that you had something to blow them away with when they opened the trunk? Its something to think about anyway…SOmeone said on the other posts that the likelyhood of something happening is low. I disagree. Crime happens all the time. Usually to someone else. The risk is 100% for that person. I used to work in EMS for a long time and never worried about my own safety. I was naive. Some of the houses and situations I walked into voluntarily I would think 3 times about doing now.
    When I first started shooting the bigger guns, I was nervous, because the danger is there….but now I enjoy practicing. It was a good decision for me.


    Oh, I thought you meant which would you LEAST want to face in an altercation. I’d have to go with dog- probably get injured, but not die, whereas with the gun, less definite injury, but chance of death.


    If the person you’re confronting has a buddy who’s sneaking up behind you, your dog will alert to the person, and a gun won’t! Not to mention, if you have a dog at your side, you have a partner and all your hand-to-hand weapons are still open. If the gun doesn’t work or if someone grabs you from behind, what then? If you drop a leash you free your partner to go after the bad guy’s buddy, leaving your two fists and feet (and all the rest) to deal with bad guy #1. If you drop a gun you give the bad guy your weapon. Even if you’re dropping a non-functional gun, finding out it’s not working costs time.

    CLFMark, I’ll leave it to you to start that other poll! Personally, I’d rather face a person with a gun than an angry dog. Assuming the gunman/woman speaks English, I would have a chance to talk them out of it (or disarm them, if I ever get to that level in krav!). Even though I know something about canine body language, for a dog to be a threat it would have a very good reason in its mind, and it would be a good reason in a dog’s value system, not garden-variety robbery! It would be very hard to dissuade it.


    Living where you can get arrested for having any type of weapon for self defence my vote is definately for the gun.

    I appreciate the extra responsibility, training etc but there is just so much less of a fudge factor when you have a gun in your hands.

    I remember back in junior school I was walking to school, past a car yard, there was no-one around and a german shepperd was running free. It saw me, ran up and bit me on the thigh (fairly hard, it drew blood). Mind you I was still standing on the sidewalk. I punched it in the eye and it ran away. Maybe it might have gone harder if I was actually on the property, but then maybe not. I would not want to be my life on that.

    A good gun, combined with good training has little chance of malfunctioning.

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