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    This guy is amazing. He keeps his hands up. He stays out of the middle, he bursts in with straight punches, and he is agressive.



    Re: Excellent Multiple Attacker Defense (video)

    [quote:ceeaca6cb4=\”dirtyfighter\”]This guy is amazing. He keeps his hands up. He stays out of the middle, he bursts in with straight punches, and he is agressive.


    Nice! Although he almost got hit by that little silver car, besides that it was incredibly impressive.

    Wonder what it was about… Anybody speak Turkish? Does anybody know if it’s Krav he practiced or some other system based on the basic combatives?

    I saw a lot of what I’m learning in class in this video.

    1) Try to avoid the situation if possible (the guy was trying to talk himself out of the fight before it escalated, you can see him pat the shoulder of the white turtleneck guy while he was being very aggravated.)

    2) Stay outside (already been said)

    3) Stay in your stance

    4) Keep your hands up, which helped prevent him from getting hit

    5) Lay the smack down on the guy that’s restraining you (where one of them grabbed his shirt)

    6) Make every punch count

    7) Keep environmental awareness (as soon as that silver car came close in that turnabout he started going the other way so he could see traffic)

    8) Use your shoulders in the punch (this allowed him to always out-reach his untrained attackers)

    9) He thought about who he’s punching (near the end one guy was trying to calm him down by trying to push his hands down, but he refused in a very understandable way)

    How long do you think he’s been training?


    That was awesome!


    kicks!!!!! where are the kicks at? good groan and front kicks would of been really good. need to use more long range weapons but he did keeps his hand up which nice! they didn’t land any good shots on him. good job.

    I love the part where the attacker looks like he went for a kick but got knocked off his feet with a punch!


    Oh man that video is a classic, saw it a while ago – and of course laughing at the comments posted on youtube is always fun too, everyone’s a critic. Awesome vid though, especially the part where the attacker in the white shirt just gets totally laid out!


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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