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    So im going to start fight class ASAP and i have a few questions about the gear.

    Of course a nice leather fullface headpiece by Revgear, eaverlast, ect.

    Mouthpiece by shock Dr.

    chest piece, is this nesesary?

    forarm pad, Revgear, everlast, ect.

    Gloves do i need both MMA and 16oz? should i get some of those grappling gloves? also how are those wrap gloves? do they replace wraps in class?

    Groin/Cup Shock Dr BioFlex

    Shin Pads, do i get the shin + instep ones or just the shins, also should i get the instep over shoe kind?

    Shoes, should i drop the $ and get a pair of MA quality souls? or keep what i have as they work fine for now.


    Re: Gear up 4 fight class

    My place requires shinguards, mouthpiece headgear, forearms (just for knife defense), 16oz gloves. Cups I’ve heard for guys but I definitely have my own.

    Chest piece – that can get expensive – my center takes care of that for us. Check with your place so you don’t go overboard if you don’t need to:wav:


    Re: Gear up 4 fight class

    Check with your place to see what is *required* vs. recomended.

    I use my normal puma mat shoes, 16 oz gloves headgear, mouth, cup and MMA shin guards.

    I do not use any chest piece or forearm guards.

    However students are welcome to use them if they want its all about how you want to train and the safety you want to have.


    Re: Gear up 4 fight class

    Thanks MA & TUC.
    Looks like i have a good start and i will keep adding till i’m set.
    i got to check out a friends BJJ gear and i got some great impressions.
    Definitly going to go with the shin pads that have the over the shoe instep pad.
    His brand looked kind crappy so i will keep my eye out for the revgear ones.
    Going for the everlast 16oz ($20 less then the RG brand) and i really liked these mma gloves he had (the beast?) just for class and what not.
    Definitly going for a lether headpiece (EL or RG)
    and instructor said forarm pads are only recomended for l-2 and up classes and that there really not needed in the fight class.
    Gonna stick to my Osiris skate shoes for now, they work why drop more $.

    Thanks again now i can just sit back and watch for sales.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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