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    I can’t seem to wrap well or fast enough. I’m looking at gloves, but have pretty small hands. I would like to find some genuine sm, instead of sm/med, if possible.

    I’m also not sure if I want grappling gloves or boxing gloves?

    I’ve been studying Krav for about 2 months.


    Re: Gloves for small hands

    I don’t know of any manufacturers that specifically make a small fitting in boxing gloves but some brands will have a different fit over others.

    If you having an issue with wraps, buy some gel undergloves as they take seconds to put on and being thick have the added benefit that they will fill out the glove if your hands are a bit small.

    Your instructor should advise you on what type of gloves but my personal opinion is that for sparring where you are trying to emphasise particular krav techniques, then MMA gloves are great. I have a pair of Fairtex and they rock (they can also be bought in small sizes). There isn’t much padding for full contact sparring though, so I wear 16ox boxing gloves for that purpose.

    You can get MMA gloves for sparring (ie they offer a bit more padding) but I don’t know too much about these so wont speculate.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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