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    Hello everyone,
    After doing a good amount of research on the best self-defense fighting system, I naturally came to KM. Many things about this self-defense style appealed to me, but now I’m at the point where I am thinking about scheduling issues.

    I have this entire summer free, during which I plan to get very frequent lessons(3-5 times a week) with an instructor affiliated with the Israeli Krav Maga Association. However, once school starts up for me again, I am estimating my schedule will only allow time for 1 lesson a week. After that, I will have another summer before I go to college. I have no idea what my workload will be during college, but I can figure about a lesson a week might be reasonable.

    Given this information, how quickly can it be expected that I learn Krav Maga? Does decreasing the lessons to 1-2 times a week during the school year hurt my pace significantly? How much time would it take to adequatly learn KM to be able to defend myself with this schedule?

    I realize I’m not asking the most concrete questions here, but some approximation, maybe from personal experience would be nice.



    Re: How much time needed for Krav Maga?

    KM was designed for Israeli soldiers to learn in a limited amount of time before being deployed in the field so you will find the learning curve tends to be shorter in KM than in any other ‘fighting art’.

    IMO the ‘hardest’ and also most crucial skills in KM are the ones you learn at the beginning, which form the building blocks for everything that comes later in more advanced levels. The basic principles stay the same – only the ‘problems’ one has to solve are more complex.

    Of course, there is a lot to be said for the individual & the trainer / school – but assuming one is reasonably fit & coordinated, you will probably notice quite a degree of familiarity with the basics after a Summer of intensive training.

    Hope this helps & train hard!


    Re: How much time needed for Krav Maga?

    Someone else recently asked a very similar question (basically the same question) – there is no magic time frame or number of repetitions (etc) that will make someone “proficient”. There is also no magic level of proficiency that will GUARANTEE a successful outcome if/when you actually need to apply your training in real life.

    All else being equal: the sooner you start training, the sooner you will become better; the more often you train, the faster you will progress; training once in awhile is better than not training at all; and having more training/skill/ability gives you better chances at “winning” than having less or none at all…


    Re: How much time needed for Krav Maga?

    All very sound advice from CS and Don! You WILL walk away from your very first lesson with a new sense of what true self-defense is. You WILL have a skill that you can easily apply and use right away to defend yourself. Now- imagine after 4-5 of those sessions a week for several months… You WILL have a greater ability to defend yourself and even better- you will have improved awareness about avoiding the places where you will NEED to defend yourself. A skill you will want going into college where there are party’s, intoxicated people, girls (and we all know how much trouble they are :-), bars, etc… But the actual “level” that you achieve depends on too many factors to tell you for sure. Its about how quickly you pick things up, your instructors ability to teach or transfer knowledge, your own ambition and work ethic, etc.

    Good luck with your training- your gonna love Krav Maga!


    Re: How much time needed for Krav Maga?

    Thanks for the info!

    I guess all I can do is try to put in as much time as possible for the next few years.

    My first lesson is today, so I’m getting pumped!


    Re: How much time needed for Krav Maga?

    Enjoy the lesson! Krav is great stuff and you’ll see first hand what to practice on during your school months.


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