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    Hi all –

    I haven’t started any Krav Maga training at all.
    But I have been fascinated by the underlying principles ever since I heard about it – about a year ago.

    I’ve gotta confess though –
    – I just quit smoking 22 weeks ago (who’s counting, right?) after nearly three decades of heavy heavy cigarette smoking
    – I’ve never been into excercise
    – I could stand to lose 40 lbs
    – I’m reeeeally badly coordinated
    (I was once run over by two guys PUSHING a car)
    (the above is a joke – my mother in law was always mystified by that crack)

    So I’ve got three questions –
    1 – can a newbie with so many self imposed self-limiting thoughts get into this safely
    (no broken bones)
    (no broken teeth – my all time greatest fear)
    (no concussions)
    2 – does anyone know the Krav Maga club in Toronto?
    3 – how would I work this for my two boys age 11 and 10, I mean they’re still GROWING…..
    (the 10-year-old is very athletic; the 11-year-old is not)

    Thank you.
    Howard Rosenberg


    Re: Intro – Newbie – Possible Bonehead Questions

    quote Howard In Toronto:

    So I’ve got three questions –
    1 – can a newbie with so many self imposed self-limiting thoughts get into this safely
    (no broken bones)
    (no broken teeth – my all time greatest fear)
    (no concussions)

    Anything you do has potential to result in injury tho. The alternative is a very safe life on the couch in front of the tv. But there are statistics for that too:

    quote :

    Oct. 2, 2002 — Home may be a place to escape the dangers of the outside world, but a new report shows dangers abound on the home front as well — causing as many as 20,000 deaths, 7 million disabling injuries, and 20 million hospital trips in the U.S. each year.


    These are estimated cases collected in 1998 of sports injuries. I like to look at where we stand and what other sports produce the same numbers. We’re close to bowling as far as # of reported injuries.

    quote :

    Estimated # of Cases

    Archery 3,110
    Ball Sports 41,534
    Baseball 180,582
    Basketball 631,186
    Bicycles 577,621
    Bleachers 19,161
    Bowling 23,130
    Boxing 9,183
    Cheerleading 18,858
    Dancing 38,427
    Diving or Diving Boards 11,124
    Exercise w/o Equipment 123,177
    Exercise Equipment 33,320
    Field Hockey 4,666
    Football 355,247
    Golf 46,019
    Gymnastics 31,446
    Hockey (not specified) 42,285
    Horseback Riding 64,692
    Ice Hockey 22,231
    Ice Skating 33,741
    In-Line Skating 110,783
    Martial Arts 23,018
    Roller Skating 53,681
    Rugby 8361
    Skateboards 54,532
    Skating (not specified) 27,481
    Snow Skiing 81,787
    Soccer 169,734
    Softball 132,625
    Squash, Racquet Ball or Paddle 8,984
    Swimming 49,331
    Tennis 22,665
    Track & Field 15,560
    Trampolines 95,239
    Volleyball 66,191
    Water Skiing 14,487
    Weight Lifting 60,039
    Wrestling 43,917


    For me, the fear of looking back on a life of mediocrity in front of the television was worse than the potential of injury by being a part of a more exciting and active life. But it’s a personal decision. I attribute the low number of injuries to qualified instructors who do their best to keep people safe. I’ve seen two of the three fears you mentioned happen at my school, no concussions yet tho. Conversely, I know people who have been training for years with nothing more serious than some bruising.

    Welcome to the board. 🙂


    Re: Intro – Newbie – Possible Bonehead Questions

    Also, there’s safety equipment. Head gear, mouth guards, shin guards etc. I’ve been doing this for over ten years and the worst injuries I’ve had so far have been bruises, black eye, twisted ankle and that time I was hit in the head with a metal training knife and it was bleeding pretty bad at first, but I was still back at training a few days later. If you are careful, you should be fine. Go easy at first, build up endurance.

    As for the kids, ask about kids classes.



    Re: Intro – Newbie – Possible Bonehead Questions

    HI HOWARD!:wav:

    Welcome aboard! Oh don’t psyche yourself out that you can’t do it, ok? Hubby and I were 50 lbs overweight and our first classes we were dying. In about a year or so, we passed to level 2 and it was hard and great at the same time. We had things get in the way recently so we’re looking ourselves to get back in the game. Go easy, set yourself with attainable goals and during class if you have to stop causing something doesn’t feel right, then STOP. I can say on the cardio classes, go at your pace or you’ll be heading for barf city in no time:D

    Any physical activity of this type is subject to possible injury as vwr said. For me, I’d rather get some bruises and such (had a bad twisted knee pad for a few months, hubby’s had a dislocated shoulder, injured ankel) in class than get my butt beat out THERE:D

    Make sure you get all the right equipment like GK said. As for your kids, check if your center offers KMX(kid’s KM).

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